See How Associates Live Their Lives Outside Of Gartner

Gartner believes that we’re all at our best when we’re happy and healthy. That’s why providing competitive benefits, like generous paid time off (PTO) from Day 1 is critical to our strategy of hiring and retaining top talent. We work to ensure all associates have what they need to pursue what matters most to them, personally and professionally. In turn, associates continue to grow and accomplish amazing things in every area of life.

Read below to see how four Gartner associates are pursuing their passions outside of work.

Becoming an author in the U.K.

nickNick Soulsby, Manager, Gartner Consulting, Egham, U.K.

Nick has worked at Gartner for more than 10 years, beginning in Events and later moving to Consulting. Applying a no-limits mindset to everything he does, Nick has not only achieved considerable success at work but also as a music journalist.

When he responded to a publisher’s open call for book proposals in 2012, Nick had no history as a writer. So, he leveraged the resources available to him — his love of grunge music, knowledge of proposal writing from Consulting and support of two colleagues in editing and design — to put together a winning formula. Nick had two proposals accepted and published his first two books on the band Nirvana.

But he didn’t stop there. Nick has also produced a music compilation, presented at music conferences, met many of his revered punk icons, published two more books and many articles, and was most recently invited to create and host a podcast series.

Nick approaches everything with enthusiasm, which he’s found opens doors. “What excites me is being able to take my energy and skills back and forth between these various worlds to ensure that, at any time of day, I’m doing something I love — no compromise.”

By Nick

“No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds of the North-West Grunge Era” (audio compilation), 2014

“I Found My Friends: The Oral History of Nirvana” (book), 2015

“Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters” (book), 2016

“Thurston Moore: We Sing a New Language” (book), 2017

“Swans: Sacrifice and Transcendence — The Oral History” (book), coming 2018

Bhangra dancing in India

milanMilan Solanki, Software Developer, Gurgaon, India

Milan started at Gartner in 2017, supporting the Visual Analytics and Insights team within IT. Outside of work, she loves to dance Bhangra, a traditional dance from the Punjab region. She started two years ago and hasn’t stopped since — even participating in a flash mob at the Pacific Mall in New Delhi for an audience of more than 600. It was such a huge success that the group performed again on New Year’s Eve at the same location.

Milan is also on the organizing committee for Bhangra Arena, a local organization that hosts a Bhangra competition every year and runs its own YouTube channel. She says she’s grateful to have the time and opportunity to pursue these commitments. “With the perfect work-life balance that Gartner offers, it’s never been a pain to manage my events along with my work. In addition, my lead provides our team the flexibility to pursue important events outside of work.”

In additional to the happiness she feels when dancing and performing, Milan says having an outlet helps her at work. “No matter how many deliverables I have on me, dancing makes everything easier. It’s a stress buster like no other. You enjoy, you work out and you make fans. What else could you ask for?”

Mastering the harmonica in Connecticut

richardRichard Hunter, VP and Gartner Fellow, Stamford, Connecticut

Richard has been a Gartner analyst for more than 23 years, advising clients in areas such as application development, digital business risk and the value of IT. But he’s also made a name for himself in the music world as a world-class harmonica player and composer. He’s played the harmonica for more than 50 years, authored the world’s best-selling method for jazz and rock harmonica and was ranked #28 on’s 100 Greatest Harmonica Players to Ever Walk the Planet.

According to Richard, Gartner has helped him achieve success by “keeping me alive intellectually, providing the resources I need to sustain myself and my family, energizing me about life in general and introducing me to people all over the world.”

He began recording with former colleague Ed Abbiatti of Italy more than 10 years ago, and Ed produced Richard’s most recent record, “The Lucky One.” Richard also performed with the Gartner band, Gartner in the Cloud,  in a corporate rock ‘n roll battle of the bands that culminated in a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Richard says playing music gives him a chance to explore different parts of himself than he does at work. “Music exercises the right brain. It makes you think differently than the linear, left-brained analytical style that’s so common among analysts,” he says. “It’s fun, and it sounds good, at least if you make good music.”

Training for ultramarathons in Florida

cassidyCassidy Tinkoff, Area Manager, Gartner Sales, Fort Myers, Florida

Cassidy has worked at Gartner in Midsized Enterprise sales (MES) for just over two years. When she’s not at work, she’s training for ultramarathons. An ultramarathon is a foot race that exceeds 26.2 miles; however, the races can be up to 100 miles long.

After completing her first ultramarathon at 46 miles in 2017, Cassidy set her sights on a higher goal: a 100-mile run from Key Largo to Key West, Florida, this May. Her mental grit and no-limits mindset have helped her in tough training and in her role at Gartner.

“Every day in MSE sales requires me to turn complex challenges and into positive outcomes. Believing that anything is possible and always moving forward is exactly what I need to succeed in the ultramarathon world as well.”

But mental toughness isn’t enough. This sport requires a huge time commitment. Cassidy is grateful for the opportunity to compete that working at Gartner has allowed.

“The PTO that Gartner offers allows me to choose races in some of the most beautiful places in the country and take the time I need to recover after running in order to return to work feeling my best.”

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