Jonathon Fisher Shares His Advice For Veterans Transitioning To The Workforce

1928350_1006518170282_39_nJonathon Fisher, Specialist, RES, in our Fort Myers, FL office, shares how his military experience in the U.S. Army translated to the workforce. He believes Gartner’s core values match perfectly with the skills he gained in the army.

Transitions can be difficult — especially professional transitions. If you’re a full-time employee, you spend most of your waking hours at work. There are a myriad of difficulties you will have to overcome in the many hours you spend on your professional endeavors. My first full-time professional venture involved enlisting in the U.S. Army. At the time, I was sure I’d make a career out of the military. As the years of my service passed by, I realized I was ready for a change and new challenges. As the final separation date for my military service grew closer, I knew I would have to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Thankfully, military service builds a very strong foundation for future endeavors no matter what your actual job/functional area was while serving. Military service teaches a multitude of skills/aptitudes that become so ingrained that many service members may not even realize how beneficial or unique the skills are. During your service you will adhere to levels of discipline, mission focus and responsibility/ accountability that you may never have to meet again in your civilian life. Those skills make you a powerful candidate for virtually any position. This is especially true once you add in role-specific functional requirements, training you’ve received and your educational background.

73223_452237067598_7821810_nThe skills/aptitudes you picked up in your military service become second nature to you. Due to this, one of the most difficult challenges you may face in transitioning from military to civilian life is recognizing your unique skill set and learning how to communicate your value to the workforce you wish to enter. As part of my out-processing from the military, I received training on how to communicate my skill set to a civilian workforce that is not familiar with the context or jargon of military service. If you have not received similar training, I highly recommend seeking a peer or resource that can give you comparable advice. Communication is key when you’re trying to “sell yourself” to a new workforce.

Gartner is a unique company that greatly appreciates many of the skills you’ve honed during your military service. The core values of Gartner have a deep overlap with many of the skills you already have. Having a “mission focus” has always led me to seek out my critical professional objectives in a timely, well-planned-out manner that allows me to see success in my role. That mission focus ties into the Gartner core values of “Results” and “No-Limits Mindset.” The discipline, accountability/responsibility and teamwork we’ve all built through years of service tie into the Gartner values of “Integrity,” “Collaboration” and “Objectivity.” With the right education, professional background/interest and your military service, you could be perfect for a role at Gartner.

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