Inaugural Leaders In Action Executive Forum

LIA Attendees at MoMARecently, the inaugural Leaders in Action executive forum for clients of Gartner for General Managers (GGM) was held at Gartner’s Research Board office in New York City. The event featured highly interactive presentations from Gartner Principal Executive Advisor Brent Adamson and Vice President and Distinguished Analyst John-David Lovelock. Additionally, Jim Gordon, General Manager of Data Center and Client Security Platforms Group at Intel, and Matt Thompson, Director of Development at Capital One, presented stories about key challenges and opportunities facing their companies.

On the first evening, the executives were treated to a private tour at the Museum of Modern Art — a fascinating journey of paintings and other art from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s featuring world-renowned artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso. The dinner event was held at Aquavit, a Michelin 2-Star restaurant. Head Chef Emma Bengsston spent time with the attendees and introduced each amazing course. The overall experience exceeded expectations. Client feedback included: “One of the best of its kind!” and “Once in a lifetime experience.”

The main sessions began with Adamson addressing the transformation of selling in B2B markets in a digital world. Attendees were introduced to a view of selling from the buyer’s perspective and how challenging the decision processes are for large organizations when sourcing/procuring enterprise technology. The concept of “Winners’ Regret” was explored as a sense of buyer’s remorse after companies go through a difficult sourcing project — albeit, not due to the supplier. Instead of sales enablement, Adamson discussed the need for sales organizations to move toward buyer enablement.IMG_9340[1]

Lovelock spoke about two topics — areas of growth in technology spending, and Gartner’s innovative Enterprise Technology Adoption (ETA) profiles. The hottest topic of the growth segment was Gartner’s forecast that starting in early 2019, a recession in the U.S. is likely. The ETA profiles session was relevant and valuable for attendees — all of whom are marketers of technology and have experienced challenges with selling. The topic sparked a lot of conversation and interest in follow-up on how to assess prospective customers and target effectively.

Intel’s Gordon covered how any enterprise could approach potential challenges in order to exit them a stronger organization. Thompson from Capital One spoke about the company’s intense focus on identity protection for its customers and the transformative service-based strategy it is pursuing to deliver not only on its objectives but also to improve identity protection for the financial services industry as a whole.

Both sessions proved extremely relevant for attendees. For example, one member will be pursuing follow-on dialogue on the Intel-led topic, and a second member requested a dialog with Capital One on the ID-as-a-Service model. This type of peer interaction fosters a strong community bond across GGM executives.

Gartner’s Leaders in Action for the General Managers will be held next year in mid-September.

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