Blake Roth Tells Why He Chose Gartner

63855Do you have a sales background? Are you interested in joining the Gartner team? Take a look at where a Gartner career can take you. Meet Blake Roth, Business Development Manager based in our Fort Myers office. He shares how he landed and why he has stayed at Gartner below. 

Prior to joining Gartner, I was a bit of a professional nomad. I double majored at the University of Central Florida in both accounting and professional sales. Why accounting? Speaking the language of business has its long-term benefits and I knew it was challenging. Why sales? Professor Steiger was the best professor in the business school so I decided spending a year with him would pay dividends, and I found myself naturally good at it.

Fast-forward to graduation and I was at a professional crossroads: Sales or accounting? I lasted a little over 18 months in accounting, audit specifically, before I decided to take time to travel and rediscover what I wanted out of both work and life. Four months in Southeast Asia was followed by a 6+-month stint running my own business exporting smartphones internationally. After much trial and error, it finally made sense to dive into sales full-time and put my skill set to use. I was lucky enough to spend over a year at Salesforce, where I truly found my love for helping clients via the sales vehicle.

I knew the Gartner name from the relationship with Salesforce, had many friends who enjoyed working here and was reached out to by recruiting at a time where it was important for me to be close to family in Florida. I’ve now been at Gartner since January of 2017 and can say I’ve loved every minute of the challenging and rewarding journey.

IMG_0667What initially attracted me to Gartner’s Business Development role was the career growth opportunities driven by Gartner’s massive market opportunity, in tandem with my keen interest of focusing solely on new business clients. But what keeps me here? A combination of a high-performing yet collaborative culture and management that makes it a point to understand and improve the world we sales folks live in. “Investing in our people” is not just a buzzword but a core foundation of what Gartner is and will continue to be built on. Do yourself a favor and learn more about what this company has to offer. It’s been without a doubt the best career decision I’ve made to date.

Are you interested in joining Blake’s team? Search for a new opportunity in our Fort Myers office here.

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