Eugene Wong Shares Why He Chose Gartner


Gartner office-1Meet Eugene Wong, a Senior Talent Partner, currently working in South East Asia. He is in his fourth month with Gartner and below he shares his story of why he chose Gartner. 

Prior to making the move to Gartner, my previous positions have been sales-focused roles in the financial services industry as well as recruitment sales, so this has been my first in-house talent acquisition role. Outside of the office, I’m a sports enthusiast and adventure seeker who enjoys traveling to enjoy new experiences and learn about different cultures.

So … why did I decide to move in-house?

Gartner had an opening for a recruiter focused on hiring for Sales in South East Asia. While my specialization in executive search was to hire senior human resource professionals for clients, having done sales for eight years, I was able to personally identify with the pressures of being in sales, the challenges of prospecting new clients, as well as the joys of closing sales; therefore, this provided me with firsthand insight into “what good looks like.”

To be honest, at that point I had no clue about Gartner’s product, its revenue model, the organization and team culture. I made it my mission to find out more about Gartner’s business and people.

Why Gartner?Team photo


Gartner is the market leader and possesses an unparalleled reputation in the industry for providing research and advisory that corporations (big and small) depend on. It is definitely an important factor for me when deciding to join an organization. As a recruiter, I need to be an ambassador for a brand I believe and have conviction in. That is how we #HireGreatTalent.


Gartner has managed to achieve 30+ quarters of double-digit growth. That’s just unheard of, but that’s what differentiates us: the consistent hunger for growth. A company that can sustain such consistent levels of growth indicates solid leadership with great vision and foresight.


I believe a big part of the company’s success is due to Gene Hall and his leadership team. Gene has been with Gartner for close to 14 years, and his credentials are impressive! Having spent 16 years at McKinsey & Company, held a senior appointment at ADP and graduated from top schools like MIT and Harvard, the company is certainly in capable hands. For someone so accomplished, when Gene Hall was interviewed and asked what he would like to be remembered for, his reply was simple yet humbling: “Great husband. Great father. Great leader.”


Most organizations do not place enough emphasis on the “Candidate Experience,” but I believe it is critical for any recruitment process. I remember during my first interview, I had an engaging conversation with the hiring manager (my present manager), Vikram Udeshi, and having been through several other interviews prior, I had the most refreshing experience with Gartner. It was clear that Gartner is a company that hires candidates through traits, and I was posed questions that allowed me to express my behavioral traits. I was provided with feedback and next steps promptly and also had the opportunity to meet with different business stakeholders and colleagues, allowing me to get a complete 360 understanding of the organization, culture and people. To say that I was impressed with the process would be a thorough understatement.

Having now been with the company for four months, I’m glad to share that everything that got me onboard remains consistent. More importantly, I have found more reasons to keep me engaged in my current role:

team picA collaborative and supportive team

I am part of a dedicated team of Talent Acquisition Partners who work collaboratively to fulfill business growth plans for the region. They have been nothing but helpful in ensuring that I got up to speed with internal processes and business requirements. They are also a fun bunch to work with as they inject humor into the job, making it a real joy to be in the office.

Swanky new office

We are currently located in a new office building in the prestigious Marina One, situated in the Central Business District of Singapore. The exterior design of the building gives you a Silicon Valley meets Avatar vibe. It is highly accessible via most MRT networks, which makes for a convenient commute to work. The office space is designed in an open concept for ease of cross-collaboration between teams, and it comes complete with a spacious pantry, foosball table and pool table, where staff members congregate each evening for some social time or just to unwind over a game of pool.

Office activities

And while my day job is in Talent Acquisition, I spend most of my free time training for Ultimate Frisbee, which is great because I realized that Gartner is an environment that encourages you to work hard at the office and pursue your passions outside of work. We’ve had several activities in the office since I joined. There are CSR activities such as Knead to Give, where Gartner staff contributes to the Singapore Associate of Visually Handicapped in exchange for a 30-minute massage. There are also sporting activities such as running clubs with weekly organized runs around the Marina Bay area and office wide lunches for associates to mingle and get some face time while enjoying company-sponsored lunches.

I feel very fortunate to be part of such a quality company and to work alongside some of the best minds in this industry. I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact to the business and to contributing by being a culture bearer for Gartner.

If you are interested in joining Eugene’s team in Singapore, search for an opportunity here.

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