Jessica Ross Shares Her Growing With Gartner Story


Jessica Ross PhotoHi! My name is Jessica Ross. I am from London, went to school in the city and then studied psychology at Leeds University. Once I graduated I got a job as an account manager for a company selling educational software and services to schools. I did this for two years before moving to CEB and then Gartner, where I have been for four and a half years.

Like many individuals, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after university. I didn’t want to pursue a career in psychology as this would have involved further study. Instead I found myself in a sales graduate program. I quickly realized it was perfectly suited to me, given my competitive and target-driven nature. As I progressed, it turned out the aspect of my day I enjoyed the most was coaching and mentoring others, helping them develop their skills and hit their goals. There weren’t any manager positions at the company I was working for, hence my move to CEB, where they had a robust graduate program to move you into a sales or management role.

I chose Gartner because I wanted to work for a large organization that was growing rapidly, as this would likely mean a wide variety of career opportunities. They also have a very robust management program and, as I knew I was interested in management, I felt this would be the best place for me to receive training and develop my management skills.

My first role in Gartner was on the SSPD graduate program as an Account Management Specialist. I worked in partnership with an Account Manager to serve a territory of accounts. It was my responsibility to ensure executives were engaged with their membership, utilizing our resources, coming to our events and ultimately happy enough to renew membership at the end of the year. I progressed into a Commercial Support Manager (CSM) role in July 2015 and into a Senior CSM role last year.

Gartner is very collaborative. If you need guidance, support or just want to brainstorm some ideas with a colleague, everyone is more than willing to take the time and help. I have been at the company for four and a half years and I still learn something new every day!

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