Richard Ludwick Shares Why He Chose Gartner


Richard Ludwick_75285-2Are you interested in joining the Gartner team to unlock endless career opportunities? Richard Ludwick, Account Manager in our sunny Fort Myers office, shares how he landed at Gartner and why he enjoys working here.

I grew up all over the place. I was born in Indiana, but later moved across the country to places like Oregon, Florida, New York and Oklahoma before finally settling down for college in southern Indiana at the University of Evansville. Pursuing an education in marketing introduced me to entrepreneurship more broadly and presented opportunity to work, part-time, in a startup environment.

After school, I moved to Chicago to work in the Finance practice at CEB. For me, the intrigue around business research was the idea that I could partner with strategic individuals tasked with scaling organizations. Both CEB and Gartner had strong reputations for combining intellectual curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit to challenge executives with their growth strategies.

Not surprisingly, Gartner popped up on my radar while at CEB. I had the opportunity to speak to a recruiter after work one day, and although I wasn’t considering a change at the time, her patience in answering my questions, in a humanizing way, planted a seed that would eventually bloom into a job that hits all the notes.

Gartner’s initial offer was appealing because, like CEB, it was an opportunity to strengthen my strategy muscle. As an account executive for SME high-tech companies, it was an opportunity to tap into the market’s conduit of business innovation. These companies are regularly sought after for their world-changing technology. Whether they’re trying to grow toward an IPO or want to position themselves attractively for acquisitions, it’s a seat that not only builds critical competencies in business acumen, but also gives you the ability to be a part of a startup’s dec 2017

Frankly, there tends to be apprehension whenever you start a new role — Gartner was no different. However, the transition was remarkable because you’re surrounded by colleagues pursuing similar goals and displaying the same level of curiosity. It’s an environment that challenges you to grow in ways that — in my estimation — will serve as a foundation for the rest of your career. Things like business agility, genuine curiosity and strategic thinking are part of that.

Immediately, Gartner taught me how to ask the right questions in a way that gets to the heart of an organization’s ambitions. Often, I think we tend to ask questions broadly and not really dig into the heart of a business issue; Gartner puts a tremendous amount of effort in equipping you with the tools to diagnose the truth — and then come back with factual research to challenge that organization’s way of thinking about growth. This is my favorite part about the job.

My favorite part about Gartner is being able to tap into the business world’s source of innovation and being able to use my greatest asset — my mind — to help clients achieve their goals.

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