Gartner Veterans: Bradley Hansen Shares His Story

Bradley Hansen_77807Bradley Hansen, an active military member and Account Executive working in Gartner’s New Zealand office, shares the story of his career growth as he transitioned from the military to enter the corporate world.

I joined the New Zealand Army in 2002 and served 10 years, leaving when my civilian company, NCR Corporation, relocated my wife and I to Sydney, Australia.

In my final year in the Army (2012) I was promoted to Lance Corporal and nominated by my regiment to compete in the annual Reservist of the Year tri-forces competition. Of the 14 finalists, I placed fourth, which was an unexpected result for what was considered the technology side of the military. Additionally, in 2012, I was awarded the New Zealand Service Defence Medal, the Sir Harold Barrowclough Trophy for Leadership and the Vice Chief of Defence Force Gold Coin for performance.

family snapHow did I end up at Gartner? I already knew of the company and was a CEB service holder at the time when a former colleague who now works at Gartner recommended the company.

I interviewed for both Gartner and a public sector business partner role, and was offered both. Gartner appealed to me for a number of reasons: not being confined to the office, objectivity with a customer focus, well-defined roles, support structures and strong reputation. I accepted the position and relocated my family to New Zealand in February.

LCPL HANSENOne thing that has really impressed me is the team culture to win, which at Gartner seems to transcend the traditional hierarchy mindset. If I were to need the regional VP’s support in closing business, he would not only take my call, but would personally help align the resources for the win.

Having been with Gartner five months now, I’ve been impressed with the training, structure, support and growth opportunities. The ability to positively contribute in the public sector provides a sense of service in a different but meaningful way. The alignment between military disciplines and Gartner internal processes is complementary, which I believe sets up any ex-military person to thrive.

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