Transforming a Community Center and Farm in Amsterdam

Associates from Gartner’s Netherlands office help people in need

350-oven-1Recently, a group of 12 associates in Sales, ExP, Consulting and HR from Gartner’s Netherlands office partnered with adamhelpt, a local non-governmental organization that organizes corporate initiatives to support the elderly, people with disabilities and refugees, to transform a community center and farm in Amsterdam.

“We wanted to participate in a project that would have a strong impact on the local community and provide an opportunity to get to know our colleagues in an informal setting,” said Sonia Rosu, Associate HR Business Partner.350-group-1

The Gartner team broke into four groups and went to work at Stadsboerderij Osdorp, a community center and farm in Amsterdam’s Osdorp neighborhood that acts as a meeting place for locals, nature lovers and people who are interested in gardening. The center depends on the help of volunteers to maintain its facilities and there are multiple ways to get involved throughout the year, such as contributing to construction projects.

Maintaining the Farm

Two groups worked together to help build two roofs. One was over an outdoor oven that will be used for cooking meals for people in need, and the other was built to shelter food for the farm animals.

Another group took part in refurbishment tasks around the farm, making sure that any necessary repairs were made.


The fourth group helped maintain the Stadsboerderij garden by watering plants and removing weeds under the direction of Antonio, a mentor at 350-gardening-1the farm, who explained gardening techniques and vegetable types.
While taking a break in the day, the Gartner team came together with members of the Stadsboerderij team to hear stories about regular visitors to the farm. During this break, the Stadsboerderij team expressed how impressed they were with the associates’ hard work and commitment to completing their tasks.

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