How To Succeed During A Client Services Interview


Jana Vanaman - 51953-2Have you ever looked up “How to Crush Your Next Interview” or “Create the Perfect Resume”? Chances are you have run into the same challenge that many people face: who or what do I believe on the internet!? Many best practices, tips, tricks, dos and don’ts from one site to another are completely contradictory. This is very frustrating to the job seeker or resume builder.

I, Jana Vanaman, Recruiting Manager, wish I could say that I have the central truth to creating a kickass resume and interview experience for yourself. But, unfortunately, that universal guidance does not exist. In a nutshell: Every company is different! Typically, the interview process, along with the value placed on a resume or cover letter, is a direct reflection of the company’s core values, along with the culture of the business unit for which you apply … at least that’s how it is here at Gartner.

Within the Client Services Organization at Gartner, we like to say that we do interviewing the right way. What we really mean is – It is right for us. Our process is selective and thorough, but it is also fair. A lot of hard work and dedication have gone into building the process we have today.

Having supported this team for almost four years as a Recruiter and now Recruiting Manager, here is my advice when interviewing for roles on our Services teams:

The Resume

I read a statistic somewhere that said recruiters review a resume for seven seconds. I would imagine, based on the number of applicants we review, this statistic is correct. Keeping that in mind, help make the resume review process as recruiter-friendly as possible.

  • Keep it to one page unless you have 10+ years of experience.
  • List work experience in chronological order.
  • Use bullet points to highlight your experiences and key accomplishments — especially the areas listed as requirements on the job posting.
  • Proofread for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors as this could reflect poor attention to detail.

The Interview Process

Our Client Services interview is a four step-process: 1. Introductory call, 2. Recruiter call, 3. Hiring Manager call and 4. In-person interview.

The Gartner interview process is unique both in what we’re looking for and how we’re looking for it. We have identified four key traits that our Client Services associates possess that have contributed to continued success in their role. For that reason, Gartner uses a Behavior (or Evidence) Based Interview style. We want to hear specific examples and stories of past experiences that answer the question being asked and demonstrate evidence of the traits assessed.

How to Prepare

  • Have Personality and Be Professional: Again, we look for traits that go beyond what is on paper. Because relationship building is such an important part of this role, we take the time to get to know each candidate. Be true to yourself, and keep in mind that we are assessing whether or not we can envision you managing C-level client relationships. Personality is important as are credibility, business acumen and communication.
  • Do Your Research and Leverage your Resources: Nothing is more impressive than candidates who have gone out of their way to prepare for the interview. This is an interview for a professional job, so showing that preparation not only shows that you are taking this job seriously but also demonstrates your overall interest. This certainly goes a long way!

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