Srinath Sampath Shares His Growing With Gartner Story

67732Meet Srinath Sampath, who first began his career at CEB nine years ago. Currently a Research Director for the CIO Research Group, Srinath is sharing the story of his career at Gartner below. 

I have been part of the Gartner family for almost nine years now. I joined CEB India in 2009 as an entry-level researcher a few months after graduating from business school. One of the things that impressed me early on (apart from the crazy idea that I as a 20-something could “teach” tenured executives how to do their jobs better) was the fact that in terms of gender diversity, the CEB India office was quite equally represented at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. After spending three years in the India office, I decided to move to the U.S. office for a variety of reasons — some professional and some personal. I definitely count the interoffice mobility of the workforce as a big plus in working for a multinational organization like Gartner. I have known of many other colleagues who have moved around to different offices, often in different countries, thereby getting international exposure and diverse work experiences that most professionals yearn for.

In a couple of years after moving to the U.S., I was leading a research team which was internationally quite diverse. I was an immigrant from India. My manager at the time was Dutch, and we had another colleague who was Polish. Not only were we international in our sensibilities and approach to work, but we were also trying to bring that diverse global culture to the fruits of our labor — our research that was increasingly being consumed by a global audience of executives in North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. We were now an international team writing internationally relevant research.

It was also around this time that I joined Mosaic when it was still a new-to-the-world diversity and inclusion group. I was part of the recruiting group helping CEB recruit a more diverse workplace. Mosaic is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that is dedicated to recruiting and engaging associates who identify as racial or cultural minorities, however, it is open to all staff no matter their background. I was able to share some of my experiences as an immigrant (from the somewhat mundane logistics of living and working in a foreign country to the existential questions of legal status and the frustrating processes involving immigration laws and procedures) to help improve internal awareness around some of the issues that organizations need to overcome to build a more internationally diverse workforce.

Once the acquisition went through in April 2017, Mosaic had new avenues and opportunities to discuss diversity and inclusion as part of a much larger organization. I had new opportunities waiting for me as well — I ended up taking a position as a Gartner analyst (“expert”) in the CIO research group. As a combined organization, we have a global reach and presence like never before and an appetite to continue growing. Concurrently, we’re building diversity and inclusion into our DNA, which means that we not only look more and more like the clients that we serve, but more importantly, being an ideas-driven organization, we leverage the diversity and inclusion of the plethora of brilliant (and at times outrageous) ideas we thrive on and help our clients through.

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