Hunter Smith Shares His Growing With Gartner Story

HeadshotMeet Hunter Smith, a graduate of Columbia University who first began his career at CEB four years ago. Currently a Learning and Development Manager for Global Business Sales, working in our Arlington office, Hunter is sharing the story of his career growth at Gartner below. 

It was just about four years ago that I received outreach from a recruiter at CEB, pitching me a position as business development manager. It was early in my sales career, I was interested in a change and, above all else, I was impressed with the people the organization surrounded itself with – both in terms of the clients and their talent internally. I took the job.

After investing several years as a successful business development manager with CEB, I began to think of my next move within the organization – little did I know that next move would soon hit my inbox one January morning. “Gartner to Acquire CEB” read the subject line. I must have done a triple take.

Fast-forward a few months, the acquisition completed, and I was presented with several options. I took a leap of faith and decided to switch roles and try my hand at being a Gartner senior account executive. I uprooted to Fort Myers for the summer, learned the product through and through that I had previously come up against on a daily basis as a competitor, and hit the ground running with a pool of impressive clients, all wowed by Gartner’s product.

Through incredible teamwork, fearless leaders, and the confidence and conviction Gartner instilled in me, I surpassed goals and accomplished more than I knew I was capable of. None of this was done without an incredible support system.

As Gartner and CEB continued to integrate, the organization did what it does best – tapped into its talent and leveraged its network of success. I was fortunate enough to be approached by an admirable colleague and role model to join the Global Business Sales team as a sales learning and development manager. I now have the rewarding experience of training our incoming salespeople – equipping them with the skills they need to grow our combined organization and serve our clients.

When I walk through the doors of Gartner’s CEB Tower located just outside of D.C., I feel inspired on a daily basis. Inspired by the energy, the innovation, the future and, above all else, the people.

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