Interview Tips From A Client Services Hiring Manager


Career Advice Blog ImageAre you a strong communicator with a passion for helping others achieve their goals? Are you great at anticipating client needs and building rapport? Consider joining Gartner’s Client Services team. Sam King, a hiring manager on our Product & Services team shares his interview tips for job seekers below. 

During the process of preparing to interview for a new role at Gartner, there are several key things to keep in mind. First and foremost, be yourself. Be natural in how you interact in each and every phase of the interview process. Second, be passionate about the opportunity you are applying for. Come ready to share what has driven you to be successful so far in your career and why you have a passion for client services. Here are several other items to keep in mind throughout the interview process:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of Gartner as a company as well as mastery of the role for which you are applying.
  2. Be inquisitive in your research. Know not only the responsibilities of the role, but most importantly how this role provides value for Gartner clients.
  3. Add creativity to your presentation; stand out with a unique theme or brand that makes a positive impact on those interviewing you.
  4. Bring examples to each conversation that directly relate to the key traits of a high-performing service associate.
  5. Tell your story in a manner that highlights the details but is easy to follow. The STAR response method will be your best friend. When using this method, it is incredibly important to finish strong on results: What did you achieve from the steps that were taken? What impact did it have on other colleagues or clients? Was there a net positive benefit that stood out?

S: Situation – Outline the background of the task or project you were assigned.

T: Task – What was the result you wanted to achieve?

A: Actions – What steps did you specifically take to resolve the situation?

R: Resolution – The end result: What did you achieve?

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