Get To Know Gartner: Meet Crystal Robinson


IMG_5585Hi! My name is Crystal Robinson. I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and moved to sunny Florida when I was 10 years old. I have a large family consisting of five sisters and one brother. We are spread all over the globe from New York to Paris, which makes a change of scenery an easy task.

I have had some great accomplishments throughout my almost 30 years of life but I would have to say that my life’s greatest accomplishment has to be my role as a mother to a beautiful soon-to-be 12-year-old named Angelina.

Having a child young and being a single mother, I was determined to still have a career and establish myself in corporate America. I wanted to provide a fruitful future for my daughter and set a strong example for her as she grows up. After navigating my way through the job market I finally determined my skill set and what type of environment I excel within. Every job, experience and challenge aided in developing the sales woman I have become today.

After discovering my passion and strengths, I wanted to find a workplace where I could grow, excel and be a part of something bigger. That’s when I found Gartner. I know it’s a saying here that everyone comes for the “culture” at Gartner, and it honestly couldn’t be more spot on. The goal within this company is growth and development, whether it be with our clients or our careers. Events has been such a wonderful entry point into this company for me. I have had the rare opportunity to have a glimpse into all the different offerings of Gartner which I believe will better equip me for my next steps within this company.

IMG_6110Over this past year we have adopted a saying on our team— Think Big, Talk Big and Dream Big. This mindset has shaped the way I communicate with clients, approach my deals and plan for my year. Because of this I was able to close the largest deal in global EAS history! This success has motivated me to keep pushing my limits and see how far I can go this year. Every conversation I have with clients now is big picture and discussions surrounding how we can bring them up to speed with what similar organizations are doing to gain the full Gartner experience.

Because of my successes here at Gartner I have been able to indulge in one of my greatest passions, travel. I recently returned from my first international trip; I was able to go without a worry of finances, time off and work. This was all due to our amazing PTO plan, achieving my bonuses and the support system I have at the office. I knew my clients would be taken care of and tended to by my leadership and that my hard work had yielded me the additional funds to travel without financial strain.

I love my job here in Events. I love my friends, I love my clients and I love the support system I know I have within this company. I look forward to all of the opportunities that are bound to come my way and seeing where a career here can take me.

If you are interested in joining Crystal’s team at Gartner, search for opportunities here.

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