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Nicole Paraboschi Shares Her Growing With Gartner Story

September 02, 2018

PARABOSCHI_Nicole_LinkedINNicole Paraboschi, a copywriter for Gartner, is currently working in our Arlington, VA office. Having started her career at Gartner over two years ago, she gives us a behind the scenes look at what life at Gartner is like and how her team adds value to the organization. 

A good story takes you places. With this belief I landed a career in publishing, starting out at a trade publishing house in Chicago. Life brought me to D.C., and I began working as a copy editor for Gartner. After a few months, I mastered our style and voice — even the grammar rules that elevate a paper but likely go unnoticed by the average reader.

I admit the Type A personality in me thrived. Things were neat and clarity reigned and to-do lists were bulleted each morning and crossed off each evening. But I found myself gravitating toward the more creative parts of my job, like developmental rewrites and writing coaching.

When Gartner announced its firmwide initiative to create more digital-first content for its peer-practitioner model research, I saw an opportunity to further use my creativity, love of narrative and enthusiasm for learning. The initiative meant new content types and a new style of writing for the digital reader — which meant researchers had to relearn what they’d been doing for years.

Over the next few months, my manager arranged for me to take on copywriting projects alongside my copyediting work. Researchers supplied their extensive PowerPoints of annual research along with accompanying presentation scripts, and I wrote them into the new, digital-first formats. I was responsible for understanding the logic inside and out and repurposing it for clarity, conciseness and a profound lack of “consultant speak.” The range of topics I learned about — from diversity in leadership to robotics process automation — felt as valuable to me as getting an M.B.A. This was what I needed to be doing full time.

With the support of department leadership, I began building the case for a full-time copywriter. They helped me gather data, reposition my presentation and prove the business need to the right people. This past April, I was promoted to a full-time copywriting role.

But that’s when the work — and fun — really started. Through the support of the Creative account managers (AMs) and their flawless Google Sheets, I collected data about which digital-first content types each program had yet to publish. Joining the AMs’ calls, I went on what we dubbed a “copywriter roadshow.” I introduced research leaders to the purpose of copywriting, explaining how it could help the firm and, more specifically, how it could help close the gaps each program had in its content publishing pipeline.

Their questions quickly shifted from “Why use copywriting?” to “When can you start?” Since I stepped into the role full time, nearly every practice is using copywriting services to help deliver must-have research. The role shift didn’t just benefit my career — it benefited the research teams that can now use this service.

Thankful doesn’t begin to describe what I feel toward my manager and director. They empowered me to find my passion and ushered me in a direction fueled by it. Here’s to powerful narratives that take us — and our members — places we never thought possible.

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