New Hire Academy Helps Jump-Start Your Career At Gartner

As Gartner Business Services continues to grow its team, the New Hire Academy has served as an invaluable tool to prepare incoming associates to succeed in their new roles. The most recent Academy began June 4 in Arlington, VA, and consisted of a week of training, having been streamlined from the two-week training period in previous Academy sessions. During this week, new hires learn the fundamental values of Gartner and the expectations, duties and nuances of their specific roles. They are engaged in a series of presentations, quizzes, discussions and role plays that allows for a comprehensive foundation for their technical training in the week to follow. Led by Molly Revak and Karen Powell, this Academy session was a fun and immersive way to begin life at Gartner.


Sarhana Fernandes, Client Engagement Specialist

During my first week in Gartner’s Arlington office, I had the opportunity to join and complete the New Hire Academy. Having graduated college only a few weeks before, I came in excited to face this new challenge but also a tad bit nervous. However, Gartner’s New Hire Academy equipped me with a plethora of resources enabling me to easily navigate my way through my second week at Gartner. Let me tell you how…

Our trainers, Molly Revak and Karen Powell, made Academy engaging, enriching and resourceful. In total we were a group of 7 new hires ranging from roles of CES Web and Events to Associate Client Partners. Each day we focused on different learning areas, enabling us to eventually learn more about CEB, now Gartner, the broad organizational structure, our niche functional areas and finally our individual roles. A great part about Academy was that we got a chance to interact with our colleagues who have excelled in the role and learn the type of strategies they implemented in order to succeed. In addition to this, our trainers facilitated team-building activities, which promoted learning from each other in addition to pitching diverse perspectives. Through all of these resources provided, we were able to understand how processes are used in our day-to-day roles.

Overall, Academy helped us all to become adept with resources and best understand how to excel in our individual roles! I am excited and ready to take on the role of Client Engagement Specialist Events with the Legal team here in Arlington.

Hannah Hidle, Client Engagement Specialist

I looked forward to training at Gartner since learning that I had landed a position as a Client Engagement Specialist. Starting a new job is an exciting — and daunting — experience for anyone. This is especially true if, like me, you had only occupied positions waiting tables or walking dogs thus far. I was thrilled to be nha2working in the city, and even more so to learn the ropes of my first “big girl job.” The moment I walked into the white marble lobby of the CEB (soon to be Gartner) Tower, I knew I had accomplished something great. My first week at Gartner was dedicated to Academy; a week-long training process designed to teach new hires how to succeed in their roles.

I had expected Academy to be a rigid, somewhat tedious process — but to my surprise, it was the opposite. We sat in a small group of new hires with our fearless leaders (trainers Molly Revak and Karen Powell) facilitating our learning. Throughout role plays, peer quizzes and an ongoing game of Smart A** (which I won — I suppose I should’ve put ‘trivia master’ on my resume), we began to truly understand the value of Gartner, and through that, the value of each of our roles. Academy managed to make job training a fun, engaging and collaborative experience for all the new hires while allowing us to get to know our peers and managers. Workbooks designed to align with our daily lessons proved to be a valuable resource for referencing useful information (like those acronyms — who knew there could be so many?) Finally, meeting with people already in our roles — who had excelled in certification and beyond — provided firsthand insight on our responsibilities and expectations for when we finally hit the floor.

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