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Five Must-Have Skills To Join Gartner’s Product Team

August 26, 2018

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Are you looking for a new career opportunity that challenges you daily? A career that enables you to share your ideas and make an impact? At Gartner, our team is intrinsically motivated by a shared set of values where everyone strives to do their best, not only for themselves, but also for their team. Gartner employees are given unlimited opportunities to succeed and the tools to realize their full potential. Are you interested in growing with Gartner? Take an exclusive look at Gartner’s Product Team.

Get to Know the Product Team

The Product Team at Gartner is responsible for managing the company’s existing product portfolio, and also for leading product innovation to create new or enhanced products that will increase the value we can deliver to our IT end-user clients. Managing the existing portfolio includes the handling of requests from Sales, working with others across the company to address fulfillment issues, and monitoring product performance and life cycles. Product development requires the team to first conduct market research to identify and deeply understand unmet client needs, and then work with partners from across the company to determine the best way to deliver value against these unmet needs. Often, this results in bringing new products to market, which then requires the team to complete a multistep iterative development cycle.

“Given the responsibilities of these roles, it is critical that we have the right people on the team,” says Ernie Bourassa, Gartner’s Global Vice President of Product Management & Growth Programs. “Currently we are looking for people who are excellent problem solvers, exceptional leaders who work well on diverse teams and are invigorated by finding new ways to provide value to our clients,” says Bourassa.

160926_0911_900x600Why Work on the Product Team at Gartner?

“The Product Team has the exciting task of keeping up with the needs of our clients and the technology market, while also being able to interact with almost every part of the Gartner organization to do so,” says Paresh Patel, Senior Product Director, Retention and Growth Tools. Patel describes why working on the Product Team is exciting, stating that “Product roles enable associates to be held accountable for Gartner’s success and also share in the responsibility of delivering outstanding service to our clients at an unmatched value.”

For candidates who are interested in joining Gartner’s Product Team, Patel believes there are five key personality traits that can help you to succeed.

No Limits Mindset: Because associates working on the Product Team are tasked with keeping up with the ever-changing needs of our clients in the technology industry, it is important to be able to ‘think outside the box.’ You must always be able to envision the next step in order to provide the best service possible. As you work to provide solutions to clients’ unmet needs, you must be able to innovate and think strategically.

Ability to Prioritize: When working with clients, their experiences are always at the forefront of a Product associate’s mind. If you are trying to help solve a few problems at once, you must stay organized and take one step at a time. This ensure the best results for all involved.

Emotional Intelligence: It is key to try and understand what motivates people, both inside and outside the organization. Because we are working with clients and other Gartner associates, you must understand their expectations and what they may need from you in return.

Fact-Based Decision Making: The Product Team looks at technology trends and industry changes in order to constantly improve and update our offerings. Looking at these concepts strategically is critical to ensure success. Understanding ‘big picture’ trends and how they can add value to the organization and our clients allows for continuous product development.

Ability to Collaborate: Collaboration and success are synonymous on the Product Team. Because you are working with associates from business units across the organization and Gartner clients, communication skills and transparency are key. In order to determine how our products can be improved, we must gain understanding into market trends or client specific issues and then strategize as to how we can fix them.

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