Tiffany Miller Shares Her Growing With Gartner Story

Blog PhotoTiffany Miller, a Gartner Account Manager, is currently working in our Fort Myers, Florida office. Having started her journey with Gartner as an intern, Tiffany shares the story of her career growth and the path that took her from intern to full-time employee.

On my very first day of my internship, I was so excited to not only be a part of an amazing company, but a part of the Gartner family. As the 10-week program began to fly by, I quickly learned (more so validated) that sales was right career path for me. From the beginning, I set goals and milestones for myself to be successful. As the days went on, I learned that having a positive and focused mindset was going to make or break my success. I also learned that through persistence and meaningful outreaches to C-level executives, I was improving my executive presence and building credibility as a young professional. It didn’t take long to realize that every day there was going to be a new challenge, whether it was picking up the phone calling strangers, role-playing with my managers or working on projects, but I certainly appreciate everything I gained from this experience.

My biggest piece of advice for someone looking to join the Gartner team would be to ask questions. Ask early and often. There is so much to learn but there’s only 10 weeks to fully immerse yourself in all things Gartner. The quicker you begin to learn, the quicker you begin to see success. I was a bit nervous at first to ask questions and wish I had started asking them sooner. It’s extremely helpful to work with a mentor and learn as much as possible from them.

After graduating from Illinois State University, I’m confident that starting my career path at Gartner was the best decision I could make. At ISU, I was heavily involved in our sales program, which is how I discovered Gartner’s internship opportunities. Once completing the internship program, I returned to campus for my senior year with such excitement to accept my job offer. Throughout the remainder of my senior year, I had the opportunity to be a Campus Ambassador and recruit ambitious students to join the Gartner team post-graduation. That experience served as a daily reminder that I was about to kick-start my career at a company I felt so passionately about.

If you are interested in joining Tiffany’s sales team, search for an available role here.

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