Why Meghan Works Sales At Gartner


headshot - CopyAre you interested in joining the Gartner team to unlock endless career opportunities? Meghan Lang, an Account Manger, is sharing why she enjoys working on Gartner’s sales team in our sunny Fort Myers office. 

Getting up in the morning isn’t difficult if you love what you do. If you enjoy finding solutions to challenges, Gartner is the perfect place for you. (Thank you, Ben Idle, for getting me here!)

I made my journey through Gartner’s world-class training program and hit the sales floor running. By working alongside some of the brightest, most motivated, collaborative individuals, I learned what I was capable of achieving with my clients.

Have you ever bought an item and wondered why it was so expensive? The companies we partner with are trying to avoid that thought by leveraging technology. We are not simply helping organizations make vendor decisions based on technology, but we’re helping them deliver better products and services through technology best practices.

1141120_FM_1080_900x600I was placed in the MSE Healthcare channel, meaning I would partner with CIOs working at biotechnology, insurance or medical organizations. I will never forget the day I realized why telemedicine was important to one of the CIOs I was speaking with. Being from New England, my access to world-class doctors was just hopping in the car for a one-hour drive to Boston; however, for many others it’s a much more complicated process. The organization I was speaking with was a large hospital in the Midwest looking to connect with patients who could not make the three-plus-hour drive to their facility, especially in the brutal winter weather. I realized that by this organization adding telemedicine services, doctors were going to be able to reach more people, ultimately increasing more patients’ quality of life.

Organizations that are trying to treat more patients, produce more products or have better interactions with their customers are looking to do so without increasing costs, without increasing time spent and without increasing their risks.

No matter what type of clients we are working with, every Account Executive at Gartner has the unique opportunity to embody what it means to be a strategic business partner to their clients. That is Why I Work Sales at Gartner.

Are you interested in pursuing sales opportunities at Gartner? Search for an available position in one of our global offices here.

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