5 Military Traits To Leverage In The Corporate World


Are you a veteran looking to start your career with Gartner? Are you wondering how the skills you’ve learned during your time serving will be utilized in the corporate world? Jose Ramirez, a Gartner Team Client Manager and United States Marine Corps veteran in our Fort Myers office, shares five skills that are learned in the military and can be utilized as you transition into the corporate world.

  1. RibbonsAdaptability – Military service place its members in various scenarios, from boot camp to primary duty service and overseas deployment. Additionally, many veterans served in different parts of the world. The ability to adapt has helped me stay agile in my current role at Gartner.
  1. Coachable – Military members are continually developed in skills for their occupational specialty as well as professional development. Being coachable has allowed me to learn new skills required in the corporate world.
  1. Coaching – Veterans can learn, grow and teach. Part of our training is to be able to train others. Therefore, we can replicate and become mentors and coaches for our colleagues.
  1. Resilient – When faced with a challenging task, veterans work hard at finding ways to complete the task at hand. The mission-accomplishment mindset is transferable even after military service and has served me well at Gartner.
  1. Leadership – Most veterans are prepared for leadership, not only to manage teams but to demonstrate leadership in any role. This skill incorporates all the skills mentioned above and is perhaps the most overlooked when being considered for a corporate position.

If you are a veteran considering joining the Gartner team, learn more here.

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