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Gartner Is An Official Product Sponsor of the National Collegiate Sales Competition

August 14, 2018

160926_0911_900x600Written By: Jordan Mason and Kaitlyn Blair 

Recently, Gartner was awarded the official product sponsorship of the National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). The partnership between Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, and NCSC provides students with unparalleled sales training.

With this sponsorship Gartner was able to create a curriculum to provide college students the rare opportunity to gain real-world experience working with actual product offerings. By developing training material and access to Gartner content, Gartner was able to help train and educate these students with the skills needed to become future sales leaders.

Jordan Mason, a Commercial Support Director with Gartner’s Global Business Sales group, was able to attend this year’s event. Mason oversees team of early-career associates who partner with and support sales professionals across North America. A graduate of the sales program, Mason has spent time hiring, coaching and developing teams of early-career associates between the D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis and London offices, and also helped to launch Gartner’s new Center of Excellence in 2018.

0Given his extensive background in sales, Mason was thoroughly impressed with the students who attended the event. When recounting his experience, he said “It set a new bar for me on how I source, assess and develop talent, and I can’t wait to go again next year!”

“As a sales hiring manager, I’ve never seen so many qualified, motivated sales candidates in one place, and I met so many individuals who I would definitely want to have on my team. Additionally, due to brilliant organization, marketing and execution, it firmly solidified Gartner as THE “place to be” among all of the other top-tier companies that were represented at NCSC,” says Mason.

The National Collegiate Sales Competition is coordinated by Kennesaw State University in Georgia and is the longest-running and most prominent role-play sales competition active today. 2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the event, and the first year that Gartner was also the official NCSC Product Sponsor. Each year, there are over 70 university sales programs represented from around the country, with more than 150 top-tier students competing and 400 additional students participating in the broader event.

The competing students enroll in a tournament of sales role-plays, through which they are evaluated on their ability to sell Gartner’s IT solutions to C-level IT executives. This year, the winners of the competition represented Michigan State University, Kansas State University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the University of Central Florida. Over the past five years, Gartner has hired over 75 students from NCSC, with 25 job offers extended in 2018 alone.

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