Gartner Veterans: Why U.S. Infantry Officer Brian Solomonson Chose Gartner


IMG_0012Are you a veteran or recently transitioned military member looking to join the corporate world? We strongly encourage veterans to consider Gartner as their next career step after the military because we are not just a team professionally, we are a family. Below, former U.S. Army Infantry Officer and current Leadership Client Manager, Brian Solomonson shares why he chose to join Gartner and move his family to sunny Fort Myers, Florida. 

As an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army for five years, I was gone approximately half the time I was in the service. When it came to determining whether to stay in the Army or transition to the civilian world, the determining factor was my family and my desire to be with them more. Currently, I have been married for six years and have two small children (Sophia and Olivia). Although it was difficult choosing to leave the Army after being active duty for five years and spending four years at West Point, it was the right decision and I do not regret it. A lot of you are probably facing a similar situation or are separating for the same reason, so I will briefly describe why I chose to move my family down to Fort Myers, Florida, to work for Gartner.

  1. Work-Life Balance: In the Army I spent time away from my family while at Ranger School and during deployment, field exercises, additional duties, etc. I never had a routine schedule, and it caused stress to my wife and children. One of the reasons I chose Gartner is because work-life balance is promoted and instilled as an important component in our culture. I work 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, and I only check email or do work outside of those hours if I choose to do so. There is also a gym at Gartner, dry-cleaning services, kitchen and lounging areas, and other employee benefits that make working here enjoyable.
  1. Vet HandshakeHealth Insurance: A major concern of mine transitioning out of the Army was losing health insurance for my family. I was also concerned with the amount of money I would be paying for insurance when I left the service. However, I have found that Gartner’s insurance plan is one of the best I have ever seen, and my family and I are completely covered at a very low price. This insurance covers basic health, dental, vision, life insurance, etc. This was a very important component leading to accepting an offer to work at Gartner.
  1. Other Benefits: Gartner gives you 20 days of paid time off (PTO) when you start. This breaks down into four full weeks of PTO or “leave,” which is equivalent to the 30 days of leave you receive in the military. To be honest, this is so much PTO that I just take days off throughout the months in order to ensure I use it all before the end of the year. This allows enough time for vacation, sick days, emergencies, etc. I feel really fortunate to have this many days off. Also, Gartner has other great programs — they cover $250 per year for exercise-related equipment/gear you buy; they match your 401k the first day you start at Gartner; they match approved charities with whatever you give; and they have numerous other programs that add to the experience of working for this company.

Lastly, my family and I like the area. Fort Myers has a small-town feel, but it’s big enough to go to the beach, go to local attractions, visit shopping areas or drive to Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc. I currently live 1.5 miles from Gartner, Publix and our church, so my transit time between my three primary destinations is very limited (which is amazing)! There are also a lot of younger couples living here with children (as well as older couples who retire here), so there is plenty to do and there are plenty of people to meet. Just be sure you bring sunscreen and spend time at the pool in the summer months!

If you are a veteran or transitioning military member interested in joining Gartner, learn more here.

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