Making The Leap: College Student To Full Time Employee

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Written By Mitch Wilson, Gartner Area Manager MSE

Are you a recent graduate looking to make the leap from college student to full-time employee? Although this transitional time period may feel full of uncertainty, plenty of Gartner associates have transitioned smoothly. Gartner associate Mitch Wilson has some advice for recent graduates on how to ease into the working world. Mitch, an Area Manager, leads a team of eight Account Executives in our beautiful Fort Myers, Florida office. A graduate of the University of Florida (Go, Gators!), he has a few tricks up his sleeve to share. Take a look at Mitch’s top three tips for transitioning from full-time student to full-time employee.

Beginning my career with Gartner a month after graduation was an exhilarating time filled with many unknowns. Outside of an internship, I had never had a 9-5 job. I quickly found that I needed to adapt my college lifestyle to set myself up for success in the working (read “real”) world. Two years later I can confidently say I found my rhythm. Here’s how:

  • Prioritize relentlessly

Stress is real. So is having more things to do than time to do them — inside and outside of the office. Gene, Gartner’s CEO, uses a triage method to show you how to prioritize based on what is truly important to you. It took me a while to grasp that this concept can easily be applied to life outside of the office. Find what you’re passionate about and do it.

  • Establish a sustainable routine

No, not every routine is boring. For me, exercise and a healthy diet became staples of my daily routine. Working out in the mornings at the office gym and meal prepping on Sundays has given me a lot of time back after work to have social time with friends and enjoy the beautiful southwest Florida weather. Is it easy to jump into a new routine? No. The best first step is starting.

  • Immerse yourself with exceptional culture

“Great minds think alike, small minds rarely differ” — Diversity of thought around a common objective spurs innovation and overcomes obstacles to accomplish those objectives faster. I had no sales education in college. Gartner provided world-class sales and business education and an atmosphere of continuous development and critical problem solving. In my role, every day is a new lesson in business, technology and sales. Find a career that empowers you. It might be at Gartner.

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