3 Traits for Sales Success At Gartner


Get To Know Gartner’s Global Business Sales Team

With any sales role, you’ll be part of a fast-paced, dynamic team providing the highest level of support to C-level individuals in some of the world’s most successful companies. You are the first point of contact that a prospective client has with Gartner; therefore, you provide an initial introduction, and ultimately you are going to be the one who influences their decision to partner with us.

Gartner_Photos_Jpegs_Gartner Florida-50Traits That Make You Successful on the Global Business Sales Team

Qiana Solomon, an Associate Business Development Manager on the Global Business Sales (GBS) team, joined Gartner in 2016. She is offering her career advice for those who are interested in joining the fast-paced GBS team, which is quickly growing in our Irving, Texas office. For candidates who are interested in joining Gartner’s GBS team, there are three key personality traits that can help you succeed.

  1. Perseverance: Having the ability to persevere when faced with challenges is something that will go a long way in this role. Because the GBS team is all about sales, eventually you will be told “no.” The key to becoming better is being able to push through the ‘no’ responses and still give 100% to your work.
  2. People Acumen: The ability to engage with other people and develop value-added relationships while going above and beyond for your clients and team members is critical. Because this is a client-facing role, communication, collaboration and service excellence are just a few areas in which you must succeed.
  3. Roadmap to Success: Because the GBS team is key to adding value to the organization, you must have the ability to quickly adopt best practices and follow established processes. It is also important to embrace feedback, as Gartner is keen on the continuous improvement of our associates.

Are you interested in joining Gartner’s GBS team? Search for open sales positions here.

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    Thank you for sharing these valuable insights. I found them to be extremely helpful in preparing for my final interview with your company. I plan to keep your advice in mind as I go through my career search!

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