Gartner Sales Immersion Program Encourages Veteran Hiring


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The Gartner Sales Immersion Program offers an opportunity for transitioning and separated military service members to experience Gartner culture firsthand in our Fort Myers, Florida, office, while learning about our Sales program. You’ll grow with knowledge and sharpen your skills as you attend world-class training sessions and workshops led by Gartner’s Sales Learning and Development team. In addition, you will meet and network with other veterans at Gartner throughout the week. At the end of the program, you could have the opportunity to interview for a full-time role in one of our Sales organizations. Are you interested in the Gartner Sales Immersion Program? See what attendees-turned-employees had to say about it below:

nick“The Immersion Program is a great way to get a feel for the Gartner culture and develop communication skills key for the account executive role. The time spent in the Immersion Program prepared me for my final interview, ultimately leading to an offer. I was able to begin training feeling not only prepared but a step ahead, already having a grasp of the basics.”

Nick Moschitta, U.S. Marine Corps, MSE Account Manager


Drew Bailey_Photo“The Immersion Program is a very well organized program that enables veterans to catapult into their civilian career.  Navigating the uncertainties involved throughout the transition can be very stressful.  For me, the program assisted in alleviating my concerns regarding choosing the wrong company culture.  It paints a clear picture of Gartner’s foundational brand that remains steady once on board and as you progress.”

 Drew Bailey, U.S. Army, MSE Account Executive


jose“Transitioning from the Marine Corps to corporate America can be a daunting and frightening adjustment. The translation from military tactical operations to working in the IT technology world felt alienating at first. Lucky for me, I was set up for success through the Immersion Program, for which I am beyond grateful, at the onset of my Gartner career. Gartner’s world-class instructors, coupled with the program, afforded me a smooth transition in my career adjustment by fostering a familiar educational structure, and a comforting network of fellow veterans, to feel right at home with and part of the team.”
Jose Florencio, U.S. Marine Corps, MSE Account Manager


veterans day“As an Air Force kid, Gartner’s commitment to veteran hiring has benefitted me in a very personal way. I watched my father balance his career in the civilian world with his commitment to the military. Helping to lead the Gartner Sales Immersion Program for veterans allows me the opportunity to give back to a community that has given so much for our nation. For me, I saw how much my dad valued Gartner research as a CIO — he deeply appreciates Gartner’s independence and unbiased perspective on the market. Now that I’m supporting veteran hiring, my impact on creating jobs is even higher. I love seeing veterans come into the Gartner organization and learn why we are such a unique organization focused on our people, supported by our camaraderie and driven by success.”
Sarah Spinelli, Senior Recruiting Program Specialist


IMG_0080“The Gartner Sales Immersion Program is a weeklong engagement program designed specifically to give veterans the opportunity to see how their skills fit into a world-class company. For me, it is a window to understanding this amazing organization, its rich culture, its collaborative environment that’s nostalgically reminiscent of the military and, most notably, the value that Gartner brings, not just to its clients but also to the business community as a whole. The training, the workshops, the panel of Gartner military service members, the ever-welcoming Gartner workforce and the fact that I got to go through it with a group of other veterans led by a team of trainers who are passionate about the advancement of veterans, left me convinced that we are treasured as service members, and wanted as part of this company. I have been out of the military since 2010 and through everything I’ve seen in that time, there’s no equivocating: The fact is that nothing compares to the Immersion Program.”
Omolade A. Kolawole, U.S. Navy, MSE Account Manager

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