Gartner Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Written By: Chelsea Whitten, Gartner Area Manager

shutterstock_431079931With Gartner growing by double digits quarter over quarter, there is a high demand for growth-minded account executives. As we embark on a mission to drive value that self-funds Gartner for our clients, we do the same for our people. Our people are critical for success as whole, and we zone in on top talent every single day to promote or join the team. With that being said, through my tenure with Gartner as a manager within the hiring process, I have seen hundreds of candidates walk through our doors. This experience has truly uncovered a few key interview do’s and don’ts.

5 Do’s:

  1. Be prepared — I cannot stress enough coming in with an end goal in mind. After all, you are interviewing us as well. Each interaction within an interview is geared to understanding you as a person and to ensure there is a mutual fit.
  2. Be yourself — Corny, I know, but really important. If you come in singing songs of loving prospecting and pushing through adversity but in actuality hate the word no, you could be putting yourself in a losing situation.
  3. Be curious — Since this is a two-way street, we want to know what questions you have. This is a life decision that we are invested in helping you make. Also, curiosity shows interest and that you are truly looking to learn.
  4. Be convicted — Hiring managers love to see someone who knows what they want and are ready to attack the task at hand.
  5. Be concise — Think about 2-3 points you want to make when asked a question. This will ensure that your hiring managers receive your core message. Long-winded answers become confusing and take away from the power of your point.

5 Don’ts:

  1. Don’t oversell hiring managers — We want to see you are interested in the opportunity but you do not have to oversell your infatuation of the company. We want to get to know you, and believe me, we love the organization we work for just as much as you.
  2. Don’t be combative around feedback — Often the feedback that is shared is to make you better and see how well you receive/apply coaching
  3. Don’t throw your other organization/candidates under the bus — We are looking for positivity and know that every experience is a learning opportunity.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification — If you’re not sure what we are asking, or the driver, feel free to ask what we mean. That way you have the best opportunity to give an honest and applicable answer.
  5. Don’t forget to follow up — Every hiring manager takes time out of their day to find top talent. The follow up with us shows that you will follow up in other high-stakes situations.

In closing, remember before every interview, we want you as badly as you want to be here. There is an equal evaluation going on. Make sure that throughout the process you discuss some of the tough topics because we want you to make the best decision for yourself as well. As long as you show a strong positive attitude, limitless mindset and a natural curiosity, good things will happen!

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  1. Glenn Ericksen

    Excellent tips that I will keep in mind. I’ve recently applied for a Gartner position and will keep looking in the company. I feel that it would be a good fit for me given my background in the Infrastructure and Operations field at Verizon.

  2. Thank you for the tutorial.. I haven’t been through a serious interview in a long time. I found your article on the interview do’s & don’ts to very interesting. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to interview with you sometime in the future.

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