Employee Update: Where Is Dan Quach Now?

Blog picIn 2016, we first introduced you to Dan Quach, then a manager working in Client Services.  A graduate of Boston College, Dan first began his career with Gartner over 7 years ago. Currently working in our Stamford office, we check back in to see how Dan’s career has grown as he gives us a quick update on his life at Gartner. 

My name is Dan Quach and I grew up here in Stamford, CT, where I now also reside. In school, I double majored in finance and marketing at Boston College. I have always had a keen interest in business. I went to school to pursue a career that would have a balance of my interests in finance and marketing but would also allow me to work with people. My first job out of school was in client services at a NYC-based fixed income financial institution. While I loved the people aspect of it, I did not find an interest in the industry. After getting a few years under my belt, I started to look for new opportunities and came upon an opening at Gartner. I have always found tech to be not only interesting but extremely relevant, so I decided to pursue it.

I am currently a Director in the Client Services Organization, supporting the Invest business. My team and I are focused on exceeding retention and client engagement metrics, improving our service productivity, and continuously evaluating innovations to deliver and sustain improvements to how we service our clients.
I started at Gartner in 2011 as an Invest Client Manager (Client Services Associate), where I worked with clients directly. After learning the ropes of how we service our clientele and how our business operates, I applied for the new manager opportunity in the fall of 2012 and was promoted to the role in December 2012.
I continued to build my leadership skills within the business and was promoted to Senior Manager in April 2017.

In March 2017, I was asked to step in as the interim head to lead the entire Invest Client Services team. At the time, I was a Senior Manager with a direct team reporting to me and I had to shuffle my priorities and schedule from being just a people manager to a more strategic leader. I began collaborating with senior leaders within my business and working on projects that would impact the greater business. It was an opportunity for me to leverage all the skills, training and experience I’ve garnered over the past 7 years at Gartner. With the help of an active mentor, collaborative peers and a hard-working team, we were able to exceed our goals and targets for the year, without the presence of a formal leader to report into. At this year’s Client Services Leadership Kick-Off, I was pleasantly surprised to be recognized as a Top Client Services Leader of Leaders and was subsequently promoted to Director of the group in February.

Team PicMy career growth at Gartner as given me the opportunity to strengthen my leadership skills. This growth would not have been possible without help from Kurt Cohen, my SVP, who I consider to be my mentor. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kurt since the beginning of 2017 due to some organizational changes in my group, and as a result, we started to meet weekly. He trusted me with many projects and opportunities to lead my services team. In our meetings, Kurt would give me guidance on things I was working on and provide me with resources to leverage. What I valued about our time together was that instead of fishing for me and feeding me answers, he taught me how to fish.

One of the many valuable lessons I have learned from Kurt is to never accept “no” off the bat. Do not see why things cannot be accomplished before trying. There will always be critics who will tell you why you can’t do something or give you a reason why a process or innovation won’t work. Not even exploring new ways of doing things is settling, and often the easy way out. You have to push. You have to have a point of view and a vision and to make sure you look at the entire big picture. Kurt taught me to embrace evaluating new ways of looking at things and to not take the obvious first answer as gospel. Until you know it’s a no, through piloting and data, it is not a no.

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