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Gartner Celebrates National Intern Day

July 26, 2018

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Recognizing Our Dedicated Gartner Interns On July 26

Interns play an important role in helping Gartner achieve its mission-critical priorities. In honor of National Intern Day, meet five of our interns who share what they like about collaborating with associates and why they’d recommend the Gartner internship program. Take a look at what our interns had to say about their experiences at Gartner thus far.


Emil“The word that describes the culture at Gartner is collaborative. Everyone I’ve met supports and encourages one another and will do everything they can to make the interns feel at home. On my first day, I had a barrage of questions I wanted to ask my team that covered every aspect of the job, and they were happy to offer tips and suggestions on how to succeed. From figuring out how to format my work to learning new research techniques and methods, the associates I work with have been instrumental in my internship and incredibly helpful.” – Emil Kunkin, Product, Professional Services, and Advisory Intern, GBS 


IMG_3289“There are many aspects of my internship experience thus far that I have particularly enjoyed. When I interviewed to fill this position, I asked my interviewers what they enjoyed about working for Gartner and they had mentioned the idea of having the flexibility to have an idea of how to make something better and then run with it. I have seen that so clearly throughout my time at Gartner so far and have directly seen ideas that I have brought to the table come to life. My experience at Gartner has been positive, everyone I’ve encountered has been friendly. My teammates are always willing to lend me a helping hand, and I’ve truly felt like an important member of the team. My experience thus far at Gartner has surpassed my expectations and has provided an accurate snapshot of what my life could be like in the future if I continue to work in this field.” – Elise Sullivan, Social Media Intern, Events & PR


Nick Thrune“Although Gartner is a large company and growing exponentially, I have found that the size of the company is a wonderful thing. Some may find this to be intimidating as they research internship opportunities, but being able to collaborate with so many like-minded peers is important to me as I grow and learn. While you will work alongside managers and people in leadership roles, they won’t be looking over your shoulder or micromanaging you.

After having worked for a few other large corporations, Gartner is by far the most interactive and inclusive corporate culture I have joined. Not only will you interact with numerous full-time associates and managers daily, but you’re also given the opportunity to attend social events that are really fun! Gartner will stretch your mind and skills in many ways, but will give you the support you need to handle the workload or stress that you may experience.” – Nicholas Thrune, Intern, MSE


Sara M“My Gartner internship has helped me understand the role of a Business Development Associate and what the job would be like if I were offered a position at the end of the program. I chose Gartner over other companies because it is a forward-thinking company and enforces that mindset among the associates. Everyone here truly understands they are helping companies through preventative measures, diagnostics and benchmarking tools. My favorite thing about being here is the people. Every associate is friendly and respectful of one another, and Gartner offers the type of collaborative environment I have been looking for in a company.” – Sara Martinez, Commercial Intern, GBS


Headshot“Coming into this internship I had no experience in an office environment. Now going into my second month working at Gartner, I have already learned so much from sitting in on meetings, creating Excel templates, working hands-on at events and giving my first official office presentation. I did not think it was possible to gain so much new and valuable experience in such a short amount of time.” – Amelia Andrews, Production Intern, Event Training & Onboarding


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