Joe Beck, EVP of Gartner Sales, Shares Criteria For Evaluating Your Internship

Joe_Beck_Head_and_shouldersRecently Joseph Beck, EVP of Gartner Global Technology Sales, spoke with our class of summer sales interns in our Fort Myers office during their first week at Gartner. Beck, who joined Gartner 27 years ago, offered career advice as well as tips and tricks he has picked up over the course of his sales career. Interns from both the Global Technology Sales and Global Business Sales programs listened intently as Beck explained the success many interns have had at Gartner, often becoming full-time associates after completing the program.

The importance of selecting a company to intern for was one of the key take-aways from Beck’s session with the interns, as it is the initial stage of what could be a lifelong career. Are you interested in joining Gartner’s global sales internship program? Take a look at the advice Beck has for those considering Gartner.

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Summer internships are fantastic opportunities both to pick up new skills and to assess a potential future employer. At Gartner, our interns get to learn about a company that is at the center of the global technology market.

Gartner is a company that helps organizations around the world leverage technology for business advantage. This is a pretty amazing place to get exposure to early in your career.

My advice to our interns is to learn and develop new skills, and also lift your head up and observe the bigger picture of Gartner. Carve out moments to understand who we are as a company and how our business is run. Because ultimately, when it comes time to deciding where you want to work after graduation, you need to assess your options and choose the type of organization you want to be part of. You need to find an environment where you will thrive.

How Do I Evaluate a Business?

Joe BeckIn my opinion, there are really four main criteria you should look at when evaluating your future employer.

  • Is it a growth company in a growth market? This may not be immediately obvious, but imagine going to work in a profitable business that invests in its people and its products. Then consider how different a financially strapped team has to operate.
  • What is the culture like? Everyone is different — chose what fits you.
  • At what pace does the company adapt to change? Find a fit for your style and your ambition.
  • What is the integrity of the company? Everything comes down to this. You want to be proud of the work you do.

 Why Intern at Gartner?

  • Gartner has had double-digit growth year after year. We are a thriving organization with tons of career options and career advancement opportunities. And the technology market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.IMG_3350
  • The culture of Gartner, the teamwork, the support that is provided to develop our people, the way everyone is working together — it’s second to none.
  • Notice the pace of the company. Gartner is fast–paced. We move quickly in our decision cycles, and focus on key priorities with proven processes. You want to move up? Work hard, follow the proven approaches to success and it will happen here.
  • At Gartner, high integrity is an integral part of our Research methodology, and with a business that is built on renewable contracts, it is critical that we maintain high integrity with our clients in support of their business objectives.

And if Gartner is on your list — work hard and be persistent. It’s worth every ounce of effort to get here.

Are you interested in the internship programs Gartner has to offer? Learn more here.

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