Five Must-Have Skills to Get a Consulting Job at Gartner


HeadshotWritten By: James Chapin, Senior Consultant at Gartner 

Gartner Consulting is growing at a rapid pace. We’re doing this by hiring the right people with the right characteristics and skills. Gartner is known for its research; our job is to take that research and help clients apply it to their organizations. To do this successfully, a Gartner consultant must have the following five skills, among others:

1. Curiosity and a willingness to learn. A Gartner consultant has access to a wealth of articles by industry-leading Gartner Research analysts. Being curious and reading ones that are relevant to your work is important! There are so many opportunities to take the knowledge you learn from research and apply it to clients. The more willing you are to learn, the more successful you will be.

2. Ability to work within a team. On any client engagement, a Gartner consultant will likely be working with at least one other consultant. Being able to work with others, build constructive ideas, and share tasks is important for success. An individual may contribute good work, but it needs to fit within the team’s overall delivery.

shutterstock_4310799313. Time management. Gartner Consulting is unique in that most consultants may be on two or more client engagements at any one time. With overlapping engagements, managing your time is of utmost importance. Here’s a tip: Always ask for or set deadlines for deliverables, and balance the workload accordingly between your engagements. You get to set your own schedule, so factor in the priorities of the engagement manager.

4. Communication. Clients are often high up in their organization; when speaking with them or presenting to them, you need to be able to clearly communicate your points. Written communications are also very important in Gartner Consulting, since many deliverables are in a report format or condensed to a slide deck for easy viewing. Communicate clearly and succinctly in all manners.

5. Creative problem solving. Lastly, a consultant at Gartner must be able to look at a problem from different points of view to identify creative ways to solve it. No two clients are the same, so you cannot rely on using the same content for each organization. We have industry-leading research, but the solutions derived from it need to be tailored to each client. Use your creativity to come up with unique solutions to each client’s problems.

These are just five of the many great skills that our consultants have at Gartner, but they’re certainly five of the most important. We look forward to seeing what you may bring to Gartner Consulting!

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