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Austin Abell Shares His Growing With Gartner Story

July 12, 2018

Austin formalAustin Abell, a Product Manager for Gartner’s Digital Markets Review Platforms, is currently working in our Arlington, Virginia office. Having worked for CEB since 2013, Austin shares the story of his career growth and what life is like at Gartner. 

I’m a Texan, born and raised in the Fort Worth area before attending Tulane University in New Orleans, where I double-majored in international relations and Latin American studies with an architecture minor. Given my education and volunteer experience, I began my career as a researcher working with non-profit organizations promoting immigrant rights and environmentally sustainable businesses. That experience taught me a valuable mantra that’s critical in business success as well: “You’ll never accomplish the right objectives without having empathy for others.”

Since starting my career, I’ve lived with my college sweetheart (now wife and Gartner colleague) in Austin, South Korea, New Orleans (again), and Washington, D.C. We enjoyed an adventurous life that included a year backpacking around the world, and are now enjoying the different-in-kind adventure of raising twin boys. Other than my wife and kids, I enjoy nothing more than travel to experience new places and people. Gartner has provided opportunities for both domestic and international trips, and building relationships with global colleagues has been particularly rewarding whether I’m visiting their office or vice versa.

I initially joined CEB in 2013 as a researcher after being attracted to the opportunity of collaborating with intelligent colleagues to identify and solve difficult challenges that even the most progressive business leaders struggle to overcome. My career at CEB began as a researcher on the Peer Pulse pilot, then upon its completion, I transitioned to the Enterprise Risk Management Leadership Council. My interests then shifted to product management and I accepted a role on the Mid-Sized Enterprises product team, where I quickly took on additional responsibilities as central product manager of the Ignition Diagnostic. Following the Gartner acquisition of CEB, my role shifted to the Business Products & Platform team where I supported the development and launch of seat-based “Gartner for [Function] Leaders” businesses, while simultaneously helping to manage the development of Ignition Diagnostic v2 and the Gartner Assessment Platform on which it will reside. Now, I’ve recently joined Gartner Digital Markets as a product manager on the Reviews team.

All of the reasons I enjoy working at Gartner begin with the people. Mark Clauss has played a significant role in my overall career growth as a mentor and manager. He helped steer my career path from research to product management, providing valuable guidance on the “art meets science” of influencing disparate stakeholders to achieve common objectives that best serve customer needs. Sara Cronenwett, my former senior manager, has also influenced my time at Gartner. She proactively suggested I explore opportunities within Gartner Digital Markets upon learning of my desire to develop new product management skills in an earlier-stage business environment. Her support through this transition is a testament to valuing me as an individual with a unique career path.

Gartner’s data-driven, growth-oriented and collaborative culture allows for me to tackle ever-changing problems in partnership with talented colleagues across the globe. It’s a pleasure to work with individuals who have diverse backgrounds yet are all highly intelligent, competent and collaborative. This produces a team dynamic that accomplishes varied objectives efficiently, which in turn accelerates professional development and career growth.

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