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Get To Know Gartner: Meet Sierra Allen

July 11, 2018

Sierra AllenHello! My name is Sierra Allen and I am an Area Manager leading the U.K. & Ireland team in Egham, U.K., right outside London. It’s pretty crazy to think that just 4 years ago, I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a marketing degree and was about to move 1,500 miles away to join a company that I met at a sales competition only a month prior!

At that moment, Gartner stood out to me as a place where you could learn and grow quickly, spend every day with driven and genuine people who would make you better, and work hard to make your dream happen.

After investing 3 years as an Account Executive and Area Manager in Fort Myers, FL, I grew from a sales professional to a leader, built a network of incredible colleagues — many of whom have become lifelong friends, and achieved my own dream to live and work in Europe!

The greatest lesson I have learned is that nothing incredible happens when you are working alone. Truly great moments, experiences and achievements are the results of teamwork. To me, teamwork is when individuals truly care about one another’s well-being, come together to overcome adversity and are willing to do whatever it takes to help their teammates win.

My favorite moments at Gartner are when I get to spend high-quality time with colleagues, whether reuniting with past teams at Gartner Symposium, celebrating together at Winners Circle or simply working together in the office every day.

When I walk through the Gartner U.K. office doors every day and join my new team (shout out to Dev, James, Corin, Noga & Silvia!), I feel so much gratitude for the people within this company who helped me get here…and excitement for what could be next!

Are you interested in joining a team like Sierra’s? Search for an open job in our Egham office here.

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