Working Around the World With Stephen Charko, Director, Consulting

Stephen-Charko-1See how Stephen is growing without limits

Surround yourself with great people who are smarter than you,” advises Stephen Charko, Director, Consulting, who has held three positions of increasing responsibility in three different countries since joining Gartner in 2014.

Strong mentors

Stephen Charko began as a consultant in Toronto within the sourcing practice and quickly moved into market analytics, with the help of several strong mentors. “I was lucky to fall under the wings of David Ford, Jason Pfeifer and Gina Dee — their guidance eventually allowed me to spend a lot of time in the the California office,” Stephen says.

Stephen spent most of 2015 traveling around the U.S. working with large Fortune 500 clients. In January 2016, he was promoted to Senior Consultant. Before long, he began to serve as an engagement manager on certain projects, working with a mix of experienced team members who continued to mentor him. “I found myself working on some fascinating projects with Fortune 500 technology companies in the invest space.”

steve-charko-growOn a fast track

In early 2017 he shifted over to the Egham, UK office as an Associate Director. Senior Managing Partnera Scott Eivers and Jari Valimaki were looking to double the business of market analytics across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), and they knew Stephen would be a perfect fit.

“I got to travel around Europe, Australia and South Africa, working with great clients and associates and getting some great mentorship with the team.”

Stephen was recently promoted to Director supporting the EMEA market analytics business in Egham, with goals to increase overall growth in this market segment yearly.

Stephen’s tips for success

A combination of great people and hard work is what Stephen credits to his success at Gartner. “Take the initiative, always be willing to help others out, maintain a high quality of delivery — and try to push for first time right, all the time.”

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    I am currently in the interview process and as I continue to search your site I conclude that I am in LOVE with your website! The more I research the more I find. It is truly exhilarating and inspiring!
    I am re-fueled by Stephen Charko’s last comment: “…try to push for first time right, all the time.”

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