Gartner Principal Research Analyst Tatsuya Ichishi Shares About Working Remotely Outside of Tokyo

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Photo1Tatsuya Ichishi Shares His Career Story

After I finished school, I moved to Tokyo to begin my career. I would settle there for over 20 years, until I moved again to Fujisawa City, a coastal city with a beautiful view of the ocean that is about 90 minutes from the Gartner office in Tokyo. As a Principal Research Analyst, I am able to work remotely from my home, where I can spend time with my three cats and explore the terrain. Fujisawa City is a great location for all sorts of outdoor activities, like running, hiking, cycling and surfing. It is a great place to explore.

I began my career initially as a database engineer working on system development at a large system integration company. During this time, I was able to publish several articles online and in magazines about database technologies, careers tips and industry trends. I worked in that field for over 10 years, and then I started a new career path focused on product marketing online. I worked with large name-brand companies like Oracle Japan, Dell and IBM (Netezza). Finally, I joined Gartner in September 2016, where I began my role as an analyst.

Tatsuya’s Life At Gartner

IMG_4229I like working at Gartner, particularly in my role, because my colleagues are very intelligent and show each other great kindness. Their professionalism also astounds me. You may think that my role as an analyst working remotely is lonely at times because I am not often in the office, but my colleagues are so easy to talk to. They are always able to give me useful advice based on their professional experiences and extensive knowledge on industry trends.

I feel valued as a Gartner employee because I am able to keep learning! Although I have had a long career, the technology industry is always changing, and because I work at Gartner I am able to access the latest information in a timely manner. I can read Gartner research, ask other analysts if I have questions or even discuss the latest industry topics with experts in the field at Gartner. I would not be able to do any of this if I worked anywhere else.

I really do love my role as an analyst at Gartner. This path is totally different than when I was working for product-oriented companies. Because we are a neutral and non-biased advisor for our clients, we do not focus on selling technologies or products. We can listen to the real voices of our clients and do our very best to help them achieve the best possible results.

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