Get To Know Gartner: Meet Chris Valenti



Meet Chris Valenti, Product Manager

Based in our Stamford, Connecticut office, Chris is a Product Manager with Prioritized Accounts and Retention Programs, part of Gartner’s Product Organization. He has a bachelor’s in government from Harvard University. Chris describes what his life at Gartner is like below.

How did your career path start? How did your education impact your career choice? My education certainly impacted my career choices. Optionality was at the forefront of my mind (which made accepting a job offer laborious). I knew when I made the initial choice that I wanted to maximize my options for future exploration and development. As a result of this, I gravitated toward rotational programs, and the opportunity to change my role and have new experiences every 6-12 months.

How did you initially discover Gartner? I applied to Gartner through my college careers site, as I was oscillating between keyword searches of “rotational programs,” “analyst roles” and “investment associate.” At the time, I knew very little about IT or what research and advisory services constituted. Needless to say I applied on a bit of a whim; however, as I began to sit for interviews with Gartner associates I was impressed by their backgrounds and the passion they brought to each interaction. A common theme was that, “You will work on problems like these when here,” and I found that incredibly compelling.

Why do you like working at Gartner? The people and challenges brought me here, and they are what keep me excited about the road ahead.

HomeFrontDescribe the career growth you have experienced while at Gartner: I started out as a Business Rotational Associate. During my second rotation I found myself running scalable pilots that were rapidly expanding into scalable retention programs. I was promoted from the rotational program and I am now leading a growing team.

How has Gartner allowed for you to explore a passion outside of the workplace? Gartner’s culture enables you to pursue your passions through collaboration. I am passionate about volunteerism. Both of my parents work for nonprofit organizations, and as I grew up I experienced the shift from being ‘voluntold’ to assist with a project to being a volunteer. There are few things that I find more rewarding than being able to help out at my Mom’s free clinic or working on one of my father’s construction projects. I have been pleased with the number of Gartner employees who have joyfully taken hold and lifted over the past 2 years as I organized support for painting houses, and working on improving home accessibility.

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