Gartner Leaders And Interns Network In First-Ever Intern Connect Program

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Launching Gartner’s Intern Connect Program

The first-ever Gartner Intern Connect program was organized by the India Campus Hiring team and was held at Gurgaon on 23 May. This event offered the opportunity for 40 interns and leaders from Sales, Research, and Product & Services to interact with each other over an informal dinner. While the interns were engaged with their respective BUs during their internships, this event presented the opportunity to all the interns to interact with leaders across business lines and get an overall perspective of other BUs and Gartner as an organization.DSC_0182

Interns experienced the flat hierarchy, approachable leadership & open-door policies that Gartner offers. During the event the leaders also had a candid fireside chat, hosted by Shailaja Iyer (VP India HR), where they shared their own growth stories and how they have overcome the challenges they faced during their professional journey.

For the first time in India, we witnessed all the business leaders coming together for an event and contributing to the best of their ability. Pavan Ramchand (Emerging Markets Sales Recruitment Leader), Malini Vittal (VP Products and Services),Mankiran Chowhan (Managing Vice President India Sales), Mudit Gupta (VP Product Management), Ashish Sethi (Regional VP MSE Sales), Neha Jain (Director Products and Services), Rohit Adlakha (Senior Director Product Operations), Sohan Pewekar (Research Director) and Utkalika Badu(Quantitative Leader) participated in the event.

The Benefits of Gartner’s Intern Connect Program 

“This program is an incredible way to impress upon 40 brand ambassadors what a fantastic organization Gartner is and the opportunities that exist with us, hoping that they spread the word about their wonderful experiences. I had multiple interns tell me that they’ve heard terms like “open door policies” or “flat hierarchies” and “approachable leadership,“ their internship experience at Gartner in general and this event in particular was living proof that it really exists” Mankiran Chowhan (MVP, Sales)

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Thank You To India’s Campus Hiring Team 

“I must congratulate the entire India Campus Hiring team who organized the event very well. It was well thought through, and that made it very interesting for all of us. I think that it is an ideal event that gives a platform to the interns to connect with a lot of senior leaders (who are working from different offices). The passion and zeal of the senior leaders has always inspired all of us to perform better, but this event also gave a glimpse of how they are able to manage their personal lives along with their busy schedules. One of my key takeaways from this event is about how all the leaders are keen to learn new things and challenge themselves constantly, which in turn has helped them in either moving across verticals or innovating across their teams. At the same time, it tells us about how the company encourages its people to innovate and move across teams.” Sahil Kumar (Intern, Research)


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    It is really great to see that Gartner India is acting on guidance and growth of interns. An internship actually trains the students and make them industry ready.

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