Get To Know Gartner: Meet Dan Ektem

Dan Ektem_75703Name: Dan Ektem

University: University of Melbourne

Job Title:  Account Manager — DACH

Office Location: Egham, U.K.

What originally attracted you to Gartner? I first heard of Gartner when I worked at IBM. I always saw Gartner as being an international, industry-leading company, with some great opportunities for career development. I was contacted by a member of the recruitment team regarding the opportunity. When I interviewed, I knew that the company, the culture and the people were a good fit for me!

Who has been a mentor for you here at Gartner? How have they helped you? Since being at Gartner, my mentor has been my Area Manager, Louisa. She has helped me greatly as a new hire and has set me up for continued success in every way that she can. You quickly learn that at Gartner, you can rely on those around you to help develop yourself more and more each day.

What advice do you have for prospective Gartner candidates? I would say that you have to be open to learning new things. Whether it be during the interview process, the academy or day to day in your job, you are constantly learning and developing. I would also say that you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. What I mean by this is, always push yourself, get used to doing things that you usually wouldn’t do and you will see yourself develop very quickly.

What are 3 words that best describe Gartner? Rewarding, challenging, fun.

What are 3 career lessons you’ve learned while at Gartner? Get comfortable being uncomfortable, be open minded and take every opportunity that comes your way.

Dan Ektem Team photo

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? I would call it, Around the World. I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world. Coming from Australia to London gave me the great opportunity to see a lot of Europe, as it’s right on your doorstep!

What are 3 words that best describe you? Curious, ambitious and caring.

If you could switch your job with anyone else within Gartner whose job would you want and why? Definitely Gene Hall, our CEO. He has been very successful in leading Gartner. I would find it fascinating to see how he has done this and how he manages his time. I would also like to know what he had done in his early career to get him to where he is today!

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra: Treat every experience as an opportunity for self-development.

If you are interested in joining our team in Egham, search for an open job here.

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