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Get To Know Veterans At Gartner: Meet Diana Spano

May 21, 2018

official military picName: Diana Spano

University: Park University/United States Air Force

Job Title:  Manager, Research Engagement Services

Office Location: Fort Myers, FL

Describe your job in 25 words or less: As a Manager in Research Engagement Services, I am a frontline client services people manager. Part of my role is to assume overall accountability for all client inquiries. This includes managing workload, providing professional development and driving client fulfillment.

Describe your experience in coming to Gartner: As an information systems technician in the United States Air Force, I not only learned a job skill, but I was engulfed in: Leadership, change management, resiliency, teamwork/collaboration, comradery, relationship building and rapport, respect, agility, adaptability, uniformity, discipline and integrity (to name a few). Transitioning out of the military was difficult, not because I didn’t have the proper education (M.B.A. and an undergrad in CIS) or the right technical skills, but because I was not feeling or witnessing these instilled traits in most corporate culture(s). It wasn’t until many company experiences later that I started at Gartner and realized that the Air Force core values (Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do) matched Gartner’s core values of integrity, objectivity, no-limits mindset, collaboration and results. Witnessing this alignment and seeing Gartner culture applied on a daily basis given me high energy about where we are — One uniform, One Gartner!

Diana BDUWhat is your favorite part about working for Gartner? Going back to the “One uniform, One Gartner” mentality, my most favorite part about working at Gartner is the people. Though we all wear the Gartner uniform (mentality); everyone has their own personal brand. This individualism within a team-oriented culture is as unique as Gartner. This level of comradery has enabled me to feel part of something larger than myself and I am excited to witness Gartner in the future.

What has been your proudest moment at Gartner? My proudest moment at Gartner is when someone externally asks, “Where do you work?” Saying that I work for Gartner is never tiresome and fills me with pride. Gartner is a milestone in my professional career. Just like I am a veteran; I am Gartner!

What advice would you give to transitioning military members? This isn’t your first transition. You were a civilian before you entered the military and you are a civilian again. The difference is that this time around, you have more to offer. Think about your experiences, trainings, skillsets, traits and accomplishments, and apply them to a civilian lifestyle. Write your resume to a civilian audience; use civilian terminology so recruitment can match your skillsets to open opportunities. You are a veteran of the United States Military — do not discredit your service. The training, guidance and accomplishments from your service can transition into current opportunities.

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? Well I would probably sell more books if I titled it “Diana,” only to get in some sort of trouble for leading people to believe they were buying a book about Princess Diana. With that said, I would title it “Your Name Here,” as my background and experiences relate to all walks of life. It would be inspiring, thrilling, educational, full of joy/grief and lessons learned/not learned; mixed into one big autobiography.

What are 3 words that best describe you? Understanding. Receptive. Steadfast.

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