Growing With Gartner: Meet Sara Matias

Sara Matias has been with Gartner for 10 years, beginning her career as an Inside Account Executive. While Sara has held three different positions at Gartner, she hasn’t taken the decision to switch roles lightly. “Before I consider a new role, I always make sure that I am excelling in my current role,” she explains. “For instance, I have been a mentor to others, and I created or volunteered for additional projects within my current business unit. Taking on different projects within my current role has allowed me to continue performing well, while positively impacting my current group.”

It’s that mindset that has allowed Sara to grow in her career here, ensuring that she was always ready for the next step. “The additional challenges of taking on something new has allowed me to grow my skillsets, strengthen my personal brand and build relationships,” Sara says.

Being able to rely on the people around her has been an important and vital component to Sara’s success at Gartner. “The breadth of knowledge carried by Gartner associates has helped me grow,” she shares. “Gartner has a very inclusive and caring culture. If I want to learn more about a particular topic, or work on a personal growth goal, there are always people at Gartner who will go above and beyond to help.”

Today, Sara is a Program Manager for ExP-Americas, focusing on the operations and reporting of many of the ExP initiatives, such as member engagement, Value Received, Recruiting and Events. But she says it’s the people who make her time here so enjoyable and successful. “The best part of my job is having the opportunity to work with a great team,” Sara says. “They are smart, collaborative and overall good people.”

Sara even has a bit of advice for those looking to Grow with Gartner, “Challenge yourself in your current role, and think of ways to differentiate yourself. Always remain professional. Your internal relationships and partnerships are incredibly important.”

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