Growing With Gartner: Malini Vittal

Malini VittalMalini Vittal began her Gartner career more than 11 years ago as an Invest Client Manager. From the beginning she believed that the no-limits mindset would help her achieve her goals. Through great opportunity, Malini was able to work on a number of different projects, pushing her comfort level and exposing her to diverse challenges within the company. As Malini felt challenged in her work and tackled key projects, she soon gained a deeper understanding of Gartner. “Working in different roles enabled me to understand the business from different angles,” Malini shares, “and allowed me to get better at working on cross-functional teams.”

Not only did Malini grow personally within her role, but she grew professionally as well. Through her work at Gartner, Malini won three patents, helping improve our retention rate with higher client engagement, and she hopes to bring more innovations to the company.

Malini soon moved on to the next step in her career, relocating from California to Gurgaon, India, to build and manage a highly talented Service Operations team. “It has been the most gratifying part of my entire Gartner journey,” says Malini, “as I’ve now experienced work in a different country and was given the opportunity to build a team from scratch and coach them.” Today Malini is VP of Service Operations and credits much of her success to the Gartner tools made available to her, including People Development, and methodologies like SCRUM. Thanks to the manager training through People Development, Malini learned how to build and coach teams and inspire associates to have a growth mindset for continuous improvement across the company.

With so much background and knowledge, Malini offers the best advice she can to those who want to grow at Gartner, “Have a no-limits mindset,” she says, “and seek opportunities beyond your role to problem solve and impact our business.”

If you are interested in joining Malini’s team, search for an open job here.

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