Gartner Associates Celebrate International Women’s Day 2018

We recently asked some leaders in our business, What does International Women’s Day symbolize to you? Below you will find some great answers from great Gartner associates.

CEO-Gartner-Gene-HallGene Hall, CEO

“Gartner is a multi-cultural, global business, serving clients in more than 100 countries around the world. Our teams are composed of individuals from different geographies, cultures, ethnicities, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities and generations. We are united in our mission and we work together to solve problems.

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the achievements of the extraordinary women in our workplace. We seek to empower all women – regardless of role, seniority, tenure or function – to achieve their full potential.”


VictoriaVictoria Koval, Lead Learning Designer

“I am often asked why I chose to be part of Women at Gartner. My answer is simple – I believe in equality of opportunity which drives better business results. Can you think of anything better than doing the right thing and benefiting from it?! I celebrate International Women’s Day as a way to recognize women who defy expectations, who break through the glass ceiling again and again, and who continue inspiring me – I am extremely fortunate to be working alongside many of these women here at Gartner. “




NinaNina Velez, Manager of Recruiting Coordination

“To me International Women’s Day is a celebration of women and the contribution that they have made to society. I feel that it is a chance for me to take a moment to celebrate those women in my life that I admire and respect. This is a day for me to let them know how I feel and to also be inspired by the voices of so many others that have overcome so much to succeed.”





Erica Smith_48341Erica Smith, Client Executive, HT Hardware-Telecom XV

“Every day I have the opportunity to surround myself with brilliant colleagues bound by the mission to help our clients achieve their most critical priorities.  As we navigate how to drive our customers’ success we also value the importance of our employees’ experience and nurture their growth aspirations.  International Women’s Day is a time to honor the fabulous Women at Gartner – those whom came before us, those whom stand alongside us, and those whom will come after us.  We are architecting the future, creating leaders who will #LeanInTogether, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this wonderful community.”



KatharineKatharine Reagan, Managing Vice President Sales

“I continue to be inspired by the community at Gartner. We hire the best, develop the best and see them Grow with Gartner. International Women’s Day gives us a platform to celebrate the amazing women at Gartner and the Women in Sales at Gartner. I’m so proud to be a part of this evolving and thriving community.”





ChrisChris Thomas, Executive Vice President – Business Sales

“I believe deeply in the power of a diverse workforce and leadership team, and the business result improvements from women in leadership are proven and compelling. I therefore want to help create an environment that increases opportunities for women and unlocks leadership potential.”




Celebrating International Women's Day at Gartner DA Summit
Celebrating International Women’s Day at Gartner DA Summit


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