Growing With Gartner: Brian LaMonica

34538Brian LaMonica has been at Gartner for 10 years and held five different position during his time here. He started his career as a Research Content Specialist in RES, but as Brian transitioned from one role to the next, he also moved to a number of different business units which exposed him to many different aspects of Gartner. From Client Servicing Organization to Research Sales and most recently, Global Events, Brian has been pushed to step outside of his comfort zone.

“These transitions have provided me with exposure to new markets,” Brian explains, “while also benefiting from observing the best practice processes of our best and brightest within each division, ultimately enabling me to continue developing as a leader.”

Brian credits much of his success at Gartner to the tools and methodologies provided to him at every new transition. He found the mentorship programs and the Leadership Preparation Program to be the most beneficial. “Being provided with an opportunity to learn and develop under brilliant sales leaders as well as leverage the best practices of the most successful sales professionals around the world has been invaluable,” he shares.

Currently, Brian is VP of Global Strategic Accounts in Events Sales and leads a team of global sales executives. “I truly love coaching and seeing the progression of each member of my team’s development over time,” he says. “I get tremendous satisfaction watching them develop and nurture relationships with senior leaders at their respective accounts.”Team Pic

Interestingly, it was his time in research sales that ultimately led Brian to want to work in event sales. “Over the course of my career, I have attended several Gartner events across different regions and marketplaces,” Brian explains. “My consistent takeaway has always been that we have a clearly defined value proposition and a powerful role-based event portfolio as seen through the eyes of vendors and end-users alike. Due to the strength of our brand, the analyst support in creating and delivering great content, and the quality of the event production, we are able to attract the best and brightest in each respective industry. That culminates in the highest quality Senior IT Decision Maker audience possible.”

And it was that audience that excited Brian, making him realize there was something special within event sales. “When our sales teams take a consultative selling approach to understanding the sponsor partner’s core mission-critical priorities, and then we provide a clear vision back to how our solutions and products directly help them achieve those MCPs, the sponsorship is a no-brainer,” he shares.

Since day one, Brian has felt that he could expand his work and discover new roles here. “This organization truly invests in their people.” says Brian. “The Grow with Gartner framework is a real priority here, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It’s the only way to expand and develop!”

If you are interested in joining Brian’s team, search for an open job here.

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