Gartner to the Rescue

February 05, 2018

Puppies pose for a photo

   Puppies pose for a photo

Helen Huntley and Dane Anderson with Brutus (and Dane's grandson)

   Helen Huntley and Dane Anderson with Brutus
   (and Dane’s grandson)

Ariel Tirosh and Ben Flam with Barry (and Nibbles)

   Ariel Tirosh and Ben Flam with Barry (and Nibbles)

Brian Jewell and fiancé Kristen with Hester Sue

   Brian Jewell and fiancé Kristen with Hester Sue

Allison Stephens attends Adopt-a-Puppy Day

   Allison Stephens attends Adopt-a-Puppy Day

Canine connections

Helen Huntley — research vice president, animal advocate, certified animal foster home and pet rescuer — works to save animals through her own means and also through rescue organizations in her downtime. She is known as the “go to” among her family, friends and rescue networks who will help in any animal rescue situation. She also scours social media for animals in need. And sometimes, animals find her at her farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, where she and her husband Brian help any animal in need, including dogs, cats, donkeys, goats, geese, ducks, chickens and even turkeys.

Special delivery

Last April, a withdrawn, clearly neglected and very pregnant dog arrived on her doorstep. A few weeks later the dog gave birth to six beautiful puppies.

When the puppies turned eight weeks old, Helen tapped her social media networks as well as friends and colleagues to find each puppy a forever home. Dane Anderson, Helen’s manager, was the first to claim a pup after catching a glimpse of Brutus — the largest of the litter — on video in a virtual meeting with Helen.

A former Gartner associate adopted another, and Helen and Brian then drove the 27-hour, 1,500-mile round trip to the Grapevine area in Texas, to deliver two puppies.

A “furricane”

When Gartner associates Ariel Tirosh and Ben Flam evacuated Fort Myers during Hurricane Irma, they stayed at Helen’s farm in Georgia, where they met and fell in love with one of the puppies — a spunky boy named Barry.

Once word spread, Brian Jewell, a Gartner associate in Fort Myers, adopted Hester Sue.

“Helen shows true compassion for the animals she cares for and wants to ensure that they find new “parents” who will love and care for them as much as she does,” said Brian. “Hester Sue’s happy and loving nature is a testament to Helen’s generous and caring spirit.”

“It takes a special person to open their home and family to care for animals in need.”

Helen found a home for one of the puppies with friends and kept the remaining puppy and the mother.

“A piece of my heart goes with each rescue pup, but I am delighted that they have all found wonderful homes,” she added.

Finding forever families in Fort Myers

This past month the Fort Myers office teamed up with the Gulf Coast Humane Society (GCHS) to host its first ever Adopt-a-Puppy Day. Six adorable and adoptable dogs were brought to the campus for associates to pet, play with and start the adoption process. At the end of the day, three puppies had found their forever families.

“Thanks to everyone who came out for the First GCHS Adopt-A-Puppy Day,” said Allison Stephens, VP Product Services and GCHS volunteer. “We are already planning the next one!”

“As an animal lover and GCHS volunteer in the past, I was ecstatic to hear we would be hosting a puppy day,” added Andrea Shinn, Team Manager for the Client Engagement Team. “It was really neat to see how many people came out to see the dogs and play with them for a few minutes. Being able to play with puppies was the best stress reliever I could have asked for.”

In addition, the Client Services Organization in Fort Myers recently completed a fundraiser for GCHS — spearheaded by Kim Stephens, Allison Stephens and Megan Thakkar, donating $5,500 with the help of the Gartner Gives charitable match program.

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