Get To Know Gartner: Meet Ritu Datta

RD SpotlightName: Ritu Datta

University: Keele University

Job Title: Sales Director

Office Location: Egham, U.K.

Why did you choose Gartner? From my very first interaction with Gartner, I was impressed with the energy, professionalism and drive to succeed from everyone I encountered. I was looking for a market leader that would support my career, and having worked within the IT realm for six years previously, I knew Gartner’s reputation in the industry is second to none and therefore made it an easy decision.

What was your first role at Gartner? I started as an Account Executive in Gartner Events and moved up into a management (Director) role within 3.5 years of being in the business.

How long have you worked at Gartner? 5 years

What makes Gartner a great place to work? As cliché as it sounds, the people are what make Gartner an unrivaled environment to work in. It’s both inspiring and positively challenging to work with so many driven, intelligent and professional individuals every day while helping senior external stakeholders solve complex challenges in their businesses.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Determined, focused, dependable.

When interviewing a candidate, what are 3 things you look for? Good sales instincts, determination and a solid work ethic.

Describe your management style: I like to lead by example and make sure I offer the best on-boarding experience I possibly can, while continuously coaching my team to success.

What role does your team play in Gartner’s success? Every single person in Gartner has a vital role to play in the success of the organization, and that’s what makes it such a great place to work. ‘You’ make a difference and get heavily recognized along the way. My team leads sponsorship opportunities into our unrivaled events platforms across EMEA and helps their clients every day derive business engagement and value from doing so.


What are 3 main functions or job duties of your employees? Understanding their client base, positioning value and collaborating both internally and externally.

What advice do you have for members of your team, or someone considering joining your team? Come on board with an open mind and be willing to give it your all. You’ve been hired because we believe you can be successful.

Why would a prospective candidate want to join your team? The AE role in Gartner Events will offer you an unparalleled opportunity to engage with high-level stakeholders, travel, work with organizations on their GTM strategy globally, in an environment that is growing by double digits every single year. You’ll be working with some of the top performers in Gartner, with enviable earning potential and career progression opportunities. The ‘buzz’ of being on-site at our global events and tangibly seeing all your hard work come together is a great feeling!

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” (Jim Rohn)- So why would you come to work and surround yourself with anything else but successful, driven, high earners in Gartner Events?

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