David Lawrence Celebrates 25 Years at Gartner


David Lawrence is a VP in the high tech and telecommunications programs (HTTP) business unit responsible for product management and marketing. In this role, he works closely with High Tech account teams to help them maximize renewals and grow the accounts of tech provider clients.

David’s manager, Jeff Golterman, Group Vice President of High Tech Industry Programs, had this to say about working with David:

“Dave was a founding member of our Gartner High Tech and Telecom Programs business, and has been a key contributor to the team’s efforts to more than double our contract value over our 10-year history. His contributions are many — as a product manager for several of our offerings; as a thought leader for sales enablement within the software segment; as a highly regarded partner to our friends and colleagues within the ASMB channel; and as a true team player among our team and colleagues across the business. I know I speak for all of us when I say, Congratulations, Dave, on your 25 years. I wish you continued success as you continue to grow with Gartner!”

Dave was gracious enough to share his experiences and reflections on his 25-year tenure at Gartner.

What brought you to Gartner? I was just out of college, living in nearby Greenwich, Connecticut. I found Gartner’s job ad for editors in the local newspaper and applied (yes, the newspaper!). I had been a journalism major, so the position seemed like a good fit. I got the job — in fact, my original hiring manager is still with the company — and I started out editing analysts’ research reports, including Peter Sondergaard’s!

What roles have you had at Gartner? I’ve had several, which can be categorized into four buckets:

  • Editing: I remained an editor for approximately two years.
  • Consulting: I was accepted to be part of a junior consulting program aimed at associates with no consulting background. I’m glad for the opportunity, but didn’t like the travel it required.
  • “Talking Technology” era: I call it that because at that time my role was focused on helping to develop Gartner’s audio and multimedia programs. It was baked into clients’ deliverables and is still, in some form, used today.
  • HTTP: Also known as high tech and telecommunications, I am one of the three remaining original members of the group. In my more than 10 years with HTTP, I have held various roles. Positions included segment lead for top communication companies such as AT&T and Verizon and for small and large software organizations.

Tell us about an interesting experience you’ve had at Gartner or something you’d like to share: What stands out is all the amazing places that Gartner has sent me to — places I might not have been able to visit on my own. Over the past six years in particular, I’ve been all over Europe and the Asia/Pacific region. I love being able to visit my Gartner colleagues in different countries. It gives me a chance to get to know them better, as well as the local culture. One of my favorite spots is the Beijing office. I’ve been there a few times and even had a chance to walk the Great Wall of China, twice.

What’s kept you at Gartner for so many years? The people, the very smart people that I get to work with, and the constant company growth. There are also tremendous opportunities, which have allowed me to do so many different things over the years. I think that’s partly why you see very few people leave. The ones that do, the ones I’ve known, at least half of them come back or try to. That’s a pretty good sign that this a good place to be.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career at Gartner?

  • Take on as many new opportunities and experiences as you can.
  • Try different roles until you find the one that is “your thing.” That’s how I found my love of HTTP and the technology provider side of the IT world.

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