Get To Know Gartner: Meet Pia Chong Cordero

Pia's picName: Pia Chong Cordero

University: University of St. La Salle, Philippines

Job Title: Area Vice President – Asia

Office Location: Singapore

Describe your team: The Asia SMB team is Gartner Asia’s growth engine and is known for its exceptional culture of fun, collaboration and unique support system where everyone is focused on driving value while having a great time at work and making money! The team is made up of 45 extremely talented and highly driven Sales Leaders, Business Development Managers and Account Executives from 10 different countries in Asia, bringing together multiple unique cultures and speaking more than 15 different languages.

Why did you choose Gartner? Gartner a world-class organization and the largest research and advisory company in the world. It’s been my goal to be a part of something big and Gartner offered everything that is important to me —a globally renowned company with limitless opportunities. I am privileged to be working with the smartest and most brilliant people in the industry who inspire and challenge me every day to aim BIG and achieve BIG and go as far as I want.

What makes Gartner a great place to work? Gartner is known for its culture of excellence and is truly a growth company that consistently delivers double-digit growth year after year. Gartner is an amazing organization that invests in its people through cohesive training programs, outstanding career development and an incredible recognition platform. It’s such great a place to work, where overachieving sales professionals get rewarded generously in the form of Winners’ Circle/Club 300 travels and uncapped earning opportunity!

Describe yourself in 3 words: Competitive, relentless, determined.

Share a fun fact about yourself: I love taking pictures and have more than 35,000 photos stored in my phone…and counting!

When interviewing a candidate, what are 3 things you look for?

  • Purposeful Goals — someone with a meaningful sense of purpose
  • Champion Mindset — someone with a nonnegotiable decision to be successful and high resilience to persevere despite any setbacks
  • ‘Refuse to Lose’ character —a strong winning mindset and unrelenting conviction to make things happen.

IMG_3714Describe your management style: I set high standards and create a motivating platform for everyone to achieve their personal best and deliver exceptional results. My goal is to see each of my team members grow and achieve professional milestones and personal goals, just as I have over the years. I promote a fun, enabling and sustainable sales environment that makes people excited to come to work every day. I always lead from the front and I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves to help anyone in the team to succeed. I believe that leadership and learning are indispensable to each other; hence I learn from my team and with my team —every day.

What role does your team play in Gartner’s success? We drive retention by delivering unparalleled value and a unique value proposition to our clients as well as grow revenue by closing new and long-term business.

What advice do you have for members of your team, or someone considering joining your team? You have to think anyway, so why not think BIG?! 

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra:

  • “I will do anything as long as it’s not ordinary, because ordinary won’t change the world.” — Lewis Pugh.
  • The only limits you have are the limits you believe.

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