A Day In The Life Of Katharine Reagan, MVP of Sales Northeast End User Region

Katharine Reagan

Recently, Katharine Reagan, Managing Vice President of Sales Northeast End User Region at Gartner in Stamford, CT, USA, took over Gartner’s Snapchat account to promote a day in her life. Below find a few of her snaps and a ton more about what she does on any given day.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Work out! I go to Crossfit or boot camp every day at 5:15 a.m.

What does your breakfast consist of? I’m usually starving by about 8:30. I eat oatmeal mixed with protein powder and flax seeds. And lots and lots of coffee.IMG_7140

What is the first thing you do when you get to work? I usually have calls straight away. So I settle in, make my oatmeal and gear up for my calls for the day.

How does the rest of your morning play out? I live by my calendar. I prioritize my time around my top priorities. I have weekly leadership calls, conduct interviews, do deal reviews, and sometimes, when I’m lucky, go on sales calls with our AEs.

IMG_7142On a great day, what does your lunch look like? I meet someone for lunch! We either meet on campus at Gartner or head into Greenwich or Stamford for a little break in the action. Sometimes I’ll go for a walk or run with a friend, and then use the Gartner gym to get ready to go back to my office.

On a typical day, what does your lunch look like? I have a salad at my desk, on calls!

How do you beat an afternoon energy-slump? I eat. A lot. When I’m being good, I eat a yogurt or hummus and veggies. But I am also very tempted, all the time, by the M&Ms and mixed nuts that are always well stocked right outside my office.IMG_7143

What is your favorite part of the day? Couple things: 1. At this time of year we’re celebrating a ton of professional milestones for my team. So I love it every time someone crosses a personal goal or professional milestone. 2. I have two young boys at home and a wonderful husband. It’s my favorite part of the day to spend a few minutes with them in the morning, and when I go home and hear about their days.

How many people do you manage? My region is about 135 people. I have four direct VPs, 17 Managers and about 115 Account Executives.

Is there a project you have right now that keeps you on your toes? We’re in the final three months of the year and it’s the most exciting time to be in sales at Gartner.  And it’s even better because Gartner is growing so fast!

Katharine with her two boys

When are you most energized and about what? Do you have a part of your job that you love? I love my role. I’ve been at Gartner 13 years and have grown into my roles. Currently, my favorite two aspects of my role are coaching amazing leaders to reach their full potential, and seeing our Account Executives and Sales Leaders successfully retain and grow their business — and achieve the goals they set out for themselves at the beginning of the year. The great part of being in Sales is that it’s competitive and goal-oriented. We set specific, measurable goals and we accomplish them, every year! What’s more rewarding than that?

Do you have an after-work routine? I live about 25 minutes from the office. I leave around 5:30 usually. I either am on calls closing out the day, or I listen to podcasts. Some of my favorites are Radiolab, TED Radio Hour and PaleOMG.

Katharine with her husband at Winners Circle

What does your dinner look like? We have two busy boys, both actively involved in sports, music and, of course, homework. So dinner is usually on the go during the week. My husband works from home so he usually puts together something and then we eat with whoever is at home. We often bring “to-go” meals in the car for the boys who are in football and hockey. We try to eat as a family on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Is there anything work wise that keeps you up? My husband and I usually watch TV and we’ll bring the boys in, too. I also like to read. I try to put work down in the evening to spend time with the family. I’m also careful to be respectful of the family lives of my team. The last thing they want in the evenings and weekends are a bunch of emails from me.

What’s the last thing you do before you go to bed? Most nights, I watch TV with my husband. We’re almost to the point where the kids will stay up later than me, but not yet. So we say goodnight to them, and then go to bed myself (pretty early). I have a Gratitude Journal that I’ll jot a few notes on what I’m thankful for that day/week. I set my alarm for 4:50 a.m. and get ready to do it again!

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  1. Jason Ells

    Katharine – Thank you for sharing this insight about you, it is always great to see our leaders as people like ourselves. Thank you also for your continued outstanding leadership.

    All the best,


  2. Katy Nelson

    Loved reading this, Katharine! Thank you for being a continuous source of inspiration to women in sales at Gartner (and especially to all of the extra-busy working Moms juggling our careers and home life). You’re truly an inspiration!!

  3. It’s so great to hear that life is crazy for everyone and sitting down for dinner with kids every weeknight isn’t possible! I used to beat myself up about this but have now looked forward to our weekend dinners as well as any moment in between the crazy days where we can grab some time to chat about how their week is going.

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