Get To Know Gartner: Meet Bianca Maresca

55084Name: Bianca Maresca

Job Title: Talent Sourcer

University: Quinnipiac University

Office Location: Stamford, CT

Describe your job in 25 words or less: As a Talent Sourcer for Americas Major Accounts, my main focus is to find and engage top IT sales talent!

What originally attracted you to Gartner? The thing that really intrigued me about Gartner was the amount of opportunity here. Amy Belanger, a friend of mine from a former job, came into Gartner as a Talent Sourcer. Within a year, she was able to move into a position in Corporate Communications. I thought it was great that Gartner gave her the opportunity to move into a different business unit in such a short time. I liked the idea that she wasn’t pigeonholed in the HR/Recruitment space and that she was able to explore. I found it rare, and wanted to be a part of it!

Who has been a mentor for you here at Gartner? How have they helped you? My manager, Kate Pace, has been such an inspiration to me! She is by far one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. Her guidance has really helped me to grow in my role, and she’s working hard to help me get to where I want to be in my career. Plus, she is a mom to two little boys AND working full-time. She really shows me that I can have it all one day.

What is your favorite part about working for Gartner? Honestly, I love the people. My team, Absolute Zero, is awesome….both personally and professionally! We are a small but very mighty team! Everyone is so supportive and extremely hard-working; it’s definitely inspiring to be around such high-achieving people. I really enjoy working with all of Sales Recruiting. In the past two years, I’ve made some great friends!

What aspect of your role do you enjoy the most? HIRES!! We have a five-step interview process in sales, so a hire is very satisfying. Also, I love the feeling when you get a candidate on the phone and you know in the first five minutes that they are awesome.

What advice would you give to recent new hires? Be a sponge! There is so much to learn about Gartner. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or do research. Also, be receptive to feedback. Take any coaching you get and apply it.absolutezero

If you could interview one person (dead or alive) who would it be and why? Jennifer Lopez….please don’t judge me but I love her!

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it? How to Survive your 30’s When You’re Single — One Italian Girl’s Journey

What are 3 words that best describe you? Unfiltered, loud, honest

What is one thing unique about you that people would be surprised if they knew? I used to be a fitness competitor. I’m fairly athletic — I grew up playing volleyball and softball. In high school, I made the All-Division team as a catcher.

Favorite Quote or Personal Mantra:

  • Nothing worth having in life comes easily.
  • A leopard never changes its spots.

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