Research India Team Gives Back To Community Children

A Gartner group in India fosters teamwork by supporting education in the local community.

Recently, the Research Content Planning and Delivery (RCPD) team in India got together to give back to those in need in their local communities. Garter associates focused their outreach on two worthy initiatives that benefit children’s pursuit of education.

The first was the ThinkSharp Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), established in 2011. ThinkSharp has a project called StudyMall, which provides resources such as notebooks, educational books and stationery to children in rural communities.

They also supported Shailendra Upadhyay, senior researcher, SRS, who devotes his time on the weekends to educating underprivileged children from Delhi. He collects study materials from individuals and companies to distribute to those in need.

Quality time

The RCPD team is based out of the Mumbai and Gurgaon offices, and is composed of first-level editors, proofreaders, project coordinators, graphic designers and optimization specialists.

“The team performs their core tasks seriously, but also believes in having some lighter moments in the workplace by organizing fun activities on various occasions,” said Gaurav Datar, proofreader. “The team also believes in the need to do something for the less-privileged.”

Shortly after identifying causes to assist, the team gathered stationery in Mumbai and Gurgaon. When the Mumbai team invited ThinkSharp’s representative to the Gartner office to share the donation, the NGO representative spoke briefly about ThinkSharp and presented the Mumbai team with a certificate of gratitude.

The Gurgaon team visited the place where Shailendra teaches children. The team interacted and spent quality time with the children.

“After a year packed with work and fun, this was the best way for the RCPD team to give back,” said Gaurav. “The team definitely looks forward to bringing smiles to the faces of the disadvantaged again in the future.”


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