Going the Extra 140 Miles

Sales Associate Darren Payne competes in the Ironman UK triathlon to support cancer patients.

finish-lineDarren Payne, Business Development Manager, on the UK Supply Chain sales team has been taking on physical challenges in the name of charity for the past several years.

Recently, he took on his biggest challenge to date: competing in the Ironman triathlon in Bolton England to support MacMillan Cancer Support, a UK-based charity that helps patients diagnosed with cancer, providing tools, information and resources as well as financial assistance and counseling.

14 hours, 22 minutes

Darren swam 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles and then ran 26.2-miles — in that order, with no breaks in 14 hours and 22 minutes. Darren trained relentlessly during the three months leading up to the race — even fitting in a training session at the recent Club 300 sales event in Rome.

To support Darren, fellow members of the UK Supply Chain Sales team and others donated approximately £2,400. Once matched by Gartner Gives — Gartner’s charitable match program — Darren will have raised a total of £4,660.

Selflessness and perseverance

“This is an amazing act of selflessness and perseverance,” commented Joel Boulton, Regional VP, European Supply Chain Sales. “What helps keep him going during the tough days is the knowledge that people have kindly donated money to support this fantastic cause. He wants to respect their generosity and not let them down. He never gives up, no matter how grueling the effort.”

“Sadly, we will all know someone who will be in need of Macmillan’s support,” said Darren. “I’m just happy that we can help in some small way.”



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